My dad wanted to go to opening day at Dodger Stadium. Luckily he didn’t get the email on time. I know who he can invite his favorite nephew with his 5 children. Not me. His nephew is the coolest guy on the planet! We would have never made it home on time with my shift today. My dad would have told me some nonsense like with the Laker thing. Something like “Work is not important this it the Dodgers!” Stuff that is important to him is always more important that stuff that is important to me. I always tell myself that I’m not important and I’ll get put on hold by him like always. Its the same shit as before.

Working with Leonardo is like working with Lindsay Bluth from Arrested Development when George Micheal has to go around fixing everything. We got an order for 8 pizzas and since they were already prepped he thought it was a good idea to put 8 pizzas in at once in the oven then freaked out about it. Plus there were a bunch of other pizzas in there before that. Then he prepped chicken and just left them there and went to do another task. Later he forgot to restock the paper towel and did not restock them for 3-4 hours. My lush coworker said he didn’t break the dispenser. It reminded me of Bart Simpson and “I didn’t do it.” He is hard to understand too. He mumbles and doesn’t explain the tasks he wants me to do at work. What is wrong with Leonardo? When Leonardo left my lush coworker said “Bye Grandpa!” but I think he didn’t hear it.

My quirky coworker was wearing those star face sticker cutout things. Great a star shaped face sticker on my pizza. I know she’s trying to look cute or different or something. I don’t know it just looks bad. It’s not very flattering to her.

Masks are making my face skin peel but it is for the greater good so screw my skin its not important. I’m ashamed for expressing such a selfish statement. 

Got my lush coworker mad by accidentally calling him fat. He told me his nickname was “Butterball”. It makes me think of a plump turkey. He kept trying to get me to say it again. Then I thought about a sketch I saw. So I was saying other things like “Butter noodles” and “Butter stick”.

Then we started talking about WWE wrestling.

Hobbyist video education is so hard to find at a reasonable price. Why do they schedule these for people who work 9-5 in the US Eastern or Central Time Zone? Good luck people in Alaska and Hawaii. It really pisses me off because education is what I need! Do you have to start classes at 6AM Pacific?