My lush coworker was joking saying my boyfriend was there. Which makes no sense because I have one. Then he was complaining that he wanted nachos which we don’t sell. So he let me go on break to call the restaurant that he wanted to go to after work. But they close early. He kept saying he was hungry I said he sounded like Tummi Gummi from the Gummi bears cartoon. Then he asked if I was calling him fat again. I said I don’t want any problems with HR.

That girl that is going back to her job at the trampoline park is trying to poach people at the pizza place. It’s not that I would work there or I’m too dense. I don’t want to work there. It smells in there like feet. It’s like a smack in the face when you walk in there. It’s very loud in there too. They play really loud music. I interviewed there before and I knew it was not the place for me.

Then I wondered if something was going to go down with HR. I got distracted by cleaning and almost forgot to clock out.