I had this strange dream about the band Reel big Fish and a frozen yogurt shop. The shop was a subtlety knock off Disney one. One of the workers was dressed like Max Goof with the red shirt and purple pants.

Heard “Anything Anything” on the ride to work. My dad was changing the radio during the commercial break of the Dodger game.

I got a strange phone call for an order there was a beat playing on the other end and the person was saying “no, no, no” repeatedly. I kept asking if they wanted to order something. Was this person sampling my voice to make some kind of song? If they do and it becomes popular I’ll sue for royalties.

Leonardo is scrambling for employees he was at the phone station with a big stack of resumes. Calling up people asking if they were interested in working there and where they were working right now. Then there was a unique name on a resume that he couldn’t read and tried to get my lush coworker and I to read it.