I saw that the date for a class I wanted to take changed. I think they are changing it because maybe of lack of interest. I really wanna do it now. With all those extra days I’m working. Although I’ll need to get a webcam. All this is through Zoom. Then I realized since I could only afford the cheap package it was not even worth it. It didn’t come with any bells and whistles. No Proof! I need proof! I can only get that one too because of my work schedule. Every time I try to buy something expensive related to my secret hobby I get in an argument with my parents. Not about the hobby. Oh forget it I feel discouraged already. Maybe I’ll buy something more practical like lingerie or an air conditioner. Or could it be subliminal self sabotage?

Speaking of my secret hobby. I wanna throw out all the cheap dollar store quality stuff I bought when I was broke. Since now I can graduate up to better quality items. Some of the items I might give to my doll.

Well Leonardo managed to get one new person. But we lost another one. I think since now to the beginning of March we have lost like 8 people. Quitting or going to another job. He had the guy stay for a long shift too. Do you wanna scare him away or something? Most people don’t stay long anyway. The only reason I do is no jobs in the area and pressure from my dad.