John Cena DVDs and a Poacher — April 23, 2021

John Cena DVDs and a Poacher

First off I want to give a birthday shoutout to John Cena. I celebrated by watching some of my DVDs of him before going to work. Word Life!

After I thought about it she is like Greg Yao from Young Rock. But like I said she couldn’t poach me not because of loyalty but because the trampoline place smells like feet. If it was like a Sanrio store or Target I would totally jump ship.

Leonardo wanted me to work 5 days next week. I talked him down to 4. I was negotiating in men’s pants. It’s not about the money I want some time off.

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Pizza Under Pressure — April 21, 2021

Pizza Under Pressure

They are teaching me register. In the words of Ralph Wiggum “I’m learnding”. It was not busy so I was doing good. Taking food out of the oven not so good. I dropped bread and wings. It’s that thumb acting up again.

Then I guilted into working late tomorrow. Damn! I wanted to watch Young Sheldon. I’m so pissed.

Still 10 More Things from 2001 —

Still 10 More Things from 2001

Retro Trainers

Bell Sleeves

Decorative Belts

Pumps with laces on them

Hair bobbles

The fashion was to wear them everywhere. Even shirt straps. Although I never personally saw anybody wear them like that. Sailor Jupiter was trendy in wearing these too.

Wide skate shoes

Deconstructed shirts

Fringe halter

Button fly jeans

Nude lips

Failure To Communicate — April 19, 2021

Failure To Communicate

We got a pan oiler. It’s like a thing that has a sensor when you put a pan in it a small amount of oil sprays. It’s pretty neat and saves time but takes a lot of space which we don’t have. All I know is that it was not there Saturday.

That guy is a bad communicator all around. Which is saying a lot since he is a manger.

I think something shady is going on there, but I don’t want to assume but something does not smell right.

Still 10 More Things From 1991 —

Still 10 More Things From 1991

Levis Big Jean

LA Gear Street Hikers

Professional strength Windex cleaner

Miles Davis jazz musician death

Freddy Mercury death

Glow in the dark reach toothbrush

Wiz backpack

I had one these were neat. I liked that they were square. They were designed to fit into lockers, but neither of my elementary schools had them. They were a fad at both schools I went to. But sadly got replaced by another fad backpack with a lot of pockets you could buy at JC Penny’s. Mine had a Little Mermaid design.

Nicon F-601

Dune Perfume

Amarige Perfume

Panic at 8! — April 17, 2021

Panic at 8!

When I saw the order appear I thought “Oh great somebody ordered 8 complicated pizzas.” Leonardo freaked out as usual. They were specialty pizzas that take longer to make. They all looked really terrible. It happened right before my break. After they were made I left out a container of cheese as a test and told Leonardo to please put it away when I was on break. Come back it’s still there.

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