Alumni and Head Cones — May 30, 2021

Alumni and Head Cones

After everything that happened I was feeling crummy and thought about the time I got hit by a car *counts on fingers* 30 years ago. That is a funny story in hindsight, and I should blog about it. Maybe in the summer. I bought myself a toy online. A Mini Brands ball. I’m just waiting for it to arrive.

It was hard to sleep. My dad was mad I was researching mass exodus from a job. There has to be something. This means something. I can’t stay here!

I get a call at around noon asking me to come in late. What the bloody fuck!? I’m hurt here and you want me to come in later to close? I’m so done with this place and not rearranging my schedule for them anymore.

I can’t look at his stupid little face and his slow moving goalie hands.

You know that trope where a character milks an injury, but for now I’m legitimately hurt.

Leonardo, I would say Pisces or Aquarius. He has a ditzy nervous energy.

I was just happy they kept me away from the oven. Like I thought I spent most of the time topping pizzas and on the phone.

Back With More 1991 TV Shows —

Back With More 1991 TV Shows

Dynamo Duck

The show used footage from the French show Le Adventures de Saturnin from 1965. I thought the scenes when the duckling would fall when walking was funny and sad. You can find the original shorts in French on youtube on his official channel.

Just look at him holding a rifle.

“Tomorrow morning I’m leaving”
“Never empty handed”


Pros and Cons

Under Cover

Dark Shadows

Baby Talk

This was a knockoff show of the Who’s Talking movies.

The Antagonists

Good Sports

Sons and Daughters

Legend of Prince Valiant

Burn! — May 29, 2021


I’m so spent with this place! I decided to give myself a date to leave my 2 weeks which is July 13th I wrote to myself a reminder titled “PUT IN YOUR 2 WEEKS NOW!” So 3 months from when I watched that video would be July 27th. The video said if it didn’t change in 3 months leave. So I will.

Saturday is a good day when they train the new people. Those new people are so annoying! They just meander about. Got walked in on by some new girl in the bathroom. (While crapping getting TMI here in the blog) They don’t know bathroom etiquette there yet. I gotta leave. No hustle from the new people, no hustle from me. Why should I if it takes them 10 minutes to pack the bread sticks. I’m snippy and checked out. Plus we lost another experienced person. Is that like 14 now? 🤔

There was this new guy they hired about 2-3 weeks ago let’s call him Henry. He does tasks like a nervous goalie trying to block an imaginary soccer ball. Random old ladies they hired at the deli work faster than that guy. Hands up and out just hovering maybe nervous goalie and jazz hands combined. He just meanders around at where we package the food and take it out of the oven. They had this guy make the bread sticks and they were so ugly and connected. The former manager and neck tattoo guy would not stand for those.

I was there packing the food because they told me to go there. I was helping by taking bread out of the oven. I’m so-so at this task. Not good, but passable. I’ve been trying to practice. That idiot Leonardo puts the new people there and at the register when they first come to work there during the busy times. I know he likes a “foundation” but maybe put them working there on off hours. Then the more experienced people have to pick up the slack. Anyway I was taking his awful looking bead out of the oven and trying to put the hot pan away while Henry was meandering and bumped into me and I burned my arm on the hot pan. He is so slow and holds the pizza cutter backwards. He left the pizzas in the over so long they burned.

I was like “Oh fuck it! Let this guy take care of the pizzas by himself!” I went to go get some burn gel in the first aid kit. This was no little burn it was blistering. “Damn you Henry!” Also Leonardo could stand to restock the first aid kit. All that was in there were some burn gel packs and some eye wash bottles. Then I remembered there was another kit in the bathroom. Found some gauze pads and some cooling packs in that one. Combined they made part of a first aid kit. Leonardo told me not to use that but run water on it. Nothing was happening. Leonardo realized what happened and freaks out. Has the new manager write the report. My burn is getting hotter and blistering.

I was showing it to my other coworkers. They’re gonna need another closer. Oh well beyond my control anyway. I’m not there working with Leonardo and his cracked crew.

That’s like all he says is “I don’t know.” Like the dumb guy, but worse. When you keep meandering Henry I hope you get burned!

It took us a half hour to fill out all the paperwork.

I saw that the clinic had insane wait times. I was like I don’t wanna go there. Maybe my doctor is open?

If they are gonna keep getting these noobs because they are losing people on all levels. It’s gonna take you a half hour to get a pizza during off hours. Nah maybe 2-3 hours.

Back With More 2001 Songs —

Back With More 2001 Songs

“I Wanna Be Bad” by Willa Ford

“Sing” by Travis

“Whenever, Wherever” by Shakara

“Midwest Swing” by St. Lunatics

“I Started a Joke” (cover) by the Wallflowers

“Loverboy” by Mariah Carey

“The Kissoff Goodbye” by Brooke Allison

“A Rose is a Rose” by Meredith Edwards

“Supergirl!” by Krystal Harris

“Don’t Mess With The Radio” by Nivea

Paranoid of Every Sound/Vapin’ in the Walk-in — May 28, 2021

Paranoid of Every Sound/Vapin’ in the Walk-in

Imagine that the combination title is sung in the tune of each song it’s referencing. “All My Friends are Metalheads” and “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”.

Yesterday I had to work late. So I had no time to blog.

They have me carry stacks of pans. But the problem is that they are very heavy and slippery. I can’t grip them well.

I’m so ready to leave this place I was mentally checked out during my whole shift.

I don’t really care I tell him “take it up with the people who put the dough in the pan in the first place.” That wasn’t me. This is me not caring and not being complacent.

Back with More 1991 Songs —

Back with More 1991 Songs

“Caribbean Blue” by Enya

“What Are We Gonna Do?” by Dramarama

I saw John Easdale perfom this at the Earth Day Concert in Fullerton in 2000.

“How I Could Just Kill a Man” by Cypress Hill

“State of the World” by Janet Jackson

“Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa” by De La Soul

“Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack

“Alec Eiffel” by the Pixies

I don’t really like the Pixies for shame! But this is my favorite song by them.

“Dirty Boots” by Sonic Youth

“Finally” by CeCe Peniston

“Alive” by Pearl Jam

10 Action Figures from 1991 — May 27, 2021

10 Action Figures from 1991

This list is mostly Ninja Turtle figures and accessories.

Mike’s Kowabunga Surf Buggy

Mike’s Pizza Chopper Backpack

Don’s Telephone Line Rider Backpack

Talking Turtles Figures

Ninja Power Turtles Figures

Sports Turtles Figures (sewer sports all stars)

Movie Star Turtles

Bucky O’Hare figures

G.I. JOE Battle Copters

G.I. Joe Battle Wagon

Measure Your Salami Properly — May 25, 2021

Measure Your Salami Properly

I went to a job interview today and it was meh. Not good and not bad. But still I need to leave Leonardo and his panic and incompetence. Then I went shopping in the store after the interview. My mom wanted salami, so I tried to get some. I guess the deli was busy because she told me to go and shop and then pick it up. then she didn’t even measure it right. Their deli reminds me of the deli I left and I don’t wanna have to deal with something like that again.

There was this one writer who said to vote on their writing style. Vote on your writing style? What? I guess I come from the idea if it works for you use it. If not then change it. Maybe I’m weird like that or it makes me a bad writer? To me writing is an art form not just something you vote on like a contestant on a singing competition. Also I don’t spread sheet my writing. To track how much I write a day and how much I can write in a period of time. That’s too much work and more distracting to me from actually writing. I guess because I don’t try to write a novel or whatever in 6 months.

Heard Night Court is getting a reboot. I hope it doesn’t suck and that they keep that jazzy theme song. I just don’t want the new characters to be re-imagined versions of the old ones. John Larroquette is in it. Hopefully reprising his Dan Fielding role. It would be neat to see the characters’ children in the show like Renee Robinson (Mac and Quon Le’s daughter) and Christine’s son I forget the name of.

I stayed up late watching this piece of lost media. There is like no info in this show online besides an imdb page about it. I loved watching this show after school. It liked it better than the KCAL Kids or Mickey’s Toontown. Nobody knows about this show unless you grew up in the Los Angeles area. K-Mouse at 3, Ducktales at 4, Rescue Rangers at 4:30. The Disney Afternoon would premiere in the fall of 1990.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned In High School — May 23, 2021

All I Really Need to Know I Learned In High School

I was trying to look for another job in the morning.

My lush coworker asked me how I learned to draw Kirby so well. Two years of high school art classes I learned something. Including how to make Kirby fan art. He’s just simplistic shapes. Thanks art teacher.

Of course he has class clown energy. I said I could not help I know French and Japanese. When I said that I learned Japanese people always think I learned it in some exotic place. But it was really one semester at the community college.

I bought the chicken wings we sell there. I made sure to get fresh ones I packed them myself. They were so meh. Never buying those again.

10 Hasbro Toys from 1991 —

10 Hasbro Toys from 1991

This list is almost My Little Ponies. But I only had 9 to list.

Secret Surprise Ponies

Princess Ponies Royal Pink and Royal Purple

Teeny Tiny Baby Ponies

Baby Ballerina Ponies

Precious Pocket Ponies

Pretty Ponies

I got Gardenglow for Easter in 1991 I think. These are pretty basic ponies and only came with an original comb.

Rainbow Baby Ponies

Glow ‘N Show Ponies

Rockin’ Beat Ponies

GI Joe Eco Warriors