I was tired because I stayed up late watching Survivor. We finished the standardized tests. They gave us cookies and some people said the filling is the worse part. We had to watch a boring movie about Harry S. Truman. I was still tired from staying up. I ran into my old 6th grade teacher with her “signature drink”. Which is really a kind of diet soda. The French teacher was mad because they said she was old and out of style. I really didn’t want to laugh. But testing makes you crazy. Then she showed us this boring video about the French Club’s trip to France. Most of it was them in the airport in America and the chemistry teacher wishing them goodbye for some reason. The rest of it was them at a goat farm. 

At lunch I saw my crush (who graduated 2 years ago class of ’99) setting up his band. I was looking for my friends but they weren’t there. I took the time to primp as best I could. 

I put on some sweet smelling lotion and fixed my hair. I bolted out to see him. I saw my other friend who didn’t have a crush on him. I was acting like a stupid giggly love sick girl. It brought back all the memories. I wanted him to notice me. And look pretty. I was always in somebody’s way. During one of his songs I went looking for my friend. And felt it was rude. I came back before the song ended. I laughed at all his jokes and applauded after all his songs. He was thirsty. I wanted to rush out and get a soda and give it to him like in a soda commercial. During the set a mosh pit started. With the Merediths but a teacher broke it up. When it was over I went to talk to him. He said he remembered me. 

After lunch I wrote a terrible poem to him in 5th period. But I won’t post it here.

But my friends weren’t there. They missed it!