Fantastic Flowers Made by Me

Commercials for this toy ran for years after. I can sing the jingle from memory. The commercial is dated 1992, but the toy is dated 1991. This was another toy my mom ruined the magic for by telling me that it was just a paper press.

Dinosaurs figures by Hasbro

You know from the ABC tv show.

Puppy Surprise

I remember a girl brought one to school and everybody was asking her how many puppies it had. She got sick of answering. It was 3. The first wave of the commercials didn’t mention that 3 babies were the most common. How disappointing. Then there were the spin off toys Kitty, Pony, Bunny, and Cub. The 90s ones are hard to find on the secondary market loose. Another toy I memorized the commercial jingle to. Maybe I should write a blog about that?

Cuddle Brites

There is not much information about these toys but you can read about them here.

My Pal 2

Cabbage Patch Kids Kissin’ Kid

Talking Full house Michelle doll

To me it looks creepy.

Crocodile Dentist

A travel version of the game was featured as a small prize on The Price is Right during a playing of Pathfinder in 1993. I remember watching that episode as a kid. Older versions of the game had pliers.

California Roller Baby

Tyco’s in-line skating doll.

Baby Rollerblade

Mattel’s in-line skating doll. The successor doll to Baby Skates? Who was also made by Mattel.