I hated having class in the career center because it was close to the class where my evil 6th grade teacher taught after they moved her to the high school. We were in there because the place we usually had class in they were taking the AP US History test.

In math class Ruby a girl who I never really talked to gave me props for supporting No Doubt by wearing one of their shirts. We were in the same grade, but I didn’t meet her until we both went to high school. I had been a fan since before I met her. We went to different junior highs. I remembered seeing her when we were freshmen wearing a No Doubt shirt. She didn’t like the song “Let me Blow ya Mind”. Later after high school she got into roller derby.

Nina brought a Weezer CD (the Green album) to listen to during art class. Meredith claimed she liked them. But did not seem to be reacting favorably to the CD. If reaction videos were a thing in 2001. “Meredith reacts to Weezer (the green album)”.

At the honor society induction meeting in the evening everybody was all dressed up. I came to the event severely under dressed. Nobody told me it was a fancy event. So I was just sitting there like an idiot wearing the super casual clothes I wore to school earlier in the day. I was so embarrassed I sat in the back. They passed candles to indicate the changing of officers. I wanted Jeff Probst to extinguish them like in Survivor. I really wanted to blow them out. I didn’t join the previous year because I was chasing No Doubt. I regret nothing! When I saw who the new officers I thought they were pretty ineffective when they held other offices in the school. 

I hated belonging to that club. More about that for a later blog.