Since the TV antenna gets so few channels I like to watch DVDs before I go to work I wanted to watch some Hello Kitty cartoons. I haven’t seen that one in a while. And it was Tuxedo Sam’s birthday.

It was a slow and boring day at work.

My lush coworker was telling me he wants to go to SeaWorld. I said I just watched a video about it.

I was telling him about my trip there in 1998. I didn’t mention the manatee penis. He says he doesn’t like Jack Hanna. I like to watch when he gets kicked in the by large birds. Why does he stand so close to the birds?

He tells me all this nonsense like the Janitor from Scrubs.

He was bored and drawing on pizza crusts in butter in a squeeze bottle. When I first worked there I used to write things like “this job sucks” butter but hit it before anybody saw. Later when he was gone I was drawing on pizza crusts with butter Keroppi and Hello Kitty.

He was complaining that his new pants were too long. Why can’t they make wide waist pants for people who are not very tall? Not that we are really short.

It was funny because the Goldbergs was about Crocodile Dundee and I had watched the “Crocodile Penguin” Hello Kitty cartoon.