I went to a job interview today and it was meh. Not good and not bad. But still I need to leave Leonardo and his panic and incompetence. Then I went shopping in the store after the interview. My mom wanted salami, so I tried to get some. I guess the deli was busy because she told me to go and shop and then pick it up. then she didn’t even measure it right. Their deli reminds me of the deli I left and I don’t wanna have to deal with something like that again.

There was this one writer who said to vote on their writing style. Vote on your writing style? What? I guess I come from the idea if it works for you use it. If not then change it. Maybe I’m weird like that or it makes me a bad writer? To me writing is an art form not just something you vote on like a contestant on a singing competition. Also I don’t spread sheet my writing. To track how much I write a day and how much I can write in a period of time. That’s too much work and more distracting to me from actually writing. I guess because I don’t try to write a novel or whatever in 6 months.

Heard Night Court is getting a reboot. I hope it doesn’t suck and that they keep that jazzy theme song. I just don’t want the new characters to be re-imagined versions of the old ones. John Larroquette is in it. Hopefully reprising his Dan Fielding role. It would be neat to see the characters’ children in the show like Renee Robinson (Mac and Quon Le’s daughter) and Christine’s son I forget the name of.

I stayed up late watching this piece of lost media. There is like no info in this show online besides an imdb page about it. I loved watching this show after school. It liked it better than the KCAL Kids or Mickey’s Toontown. Nobody knows about this show unless you grew up in the Los Angeles area. K-Mouse at 3, Ducktales at 4, Rescue Rangers at 4:30. The Disney Afternoon would premiere in the fall of 1990.