Trying Times — June 30, 2021

Trying Times

I did it! I finally did it! I quit that crappy job. Freedom! That’s what this weekend is about. Freedom and rebellion and wearing tye dye. The tye dye is from Lisa Simpson. “Like you know whatever.” When I called and did the deed his tone sounded like a disapproving parent when they find out you did something wrong. Why? Why are you surprised by this? Then he told me “You are not willing to try?” What have I been doing before? So I replied “No.” I’m so done with his bullshit. Cause you know I’m the bad guy. Literally anything he would have told me would not have convinced me to stay. What do you expect? You would constantly call the store to lecture me over the phone about how bad I was at my job. You told me on the first day I was bad at my job and then on the 4th day. Last night he told me about how much I suck. I said something like you know it’s not working out I know it’s not working out. He kinda sounded like he was laughing and hung up. Purple squirrels are hard to find.

I still have a bunch of things I need to do. Like go to the DMV and makes crafts for my doll. She could use some new stuff. I’ll still post the blogs I had scheduled to post for the rest of the week. Which is for a couple more days not including today.

It’s an employees market now don’t act like that. I hope both your restaurants go out of business.

10 Movies from 2001 Volume 6 —
“Ayax” Stronger Than Dirt — June 29, 2021

“Ayax” Stronger Than Dirt

The recruiter lied about the Starbucks I applied to and got me an interview at some far away one. Then I’m like no I’m not going to this interview. I must have called her a few times. I felt bad about being annoying at first but she should have not lied to me about the location.

Got another passive aggressive text from my boss about the amount of onions we give out. There is nothing consistent like at my old job. It’s confusing as fuck like the deli.

I did all the work for the whole shift. That guy did nothing but be on his phone. So I’m new and shitty at it and still not giving a fuck. Either on his phone or complaining about stuff. I was told to get some lemons and found a bunch of moldy ones in the fridge.

Plus I pulled something Kramer would do and put a bunch of holes in the trash bags. Then the guy told me to clean the bathroom with “Ayax”. I see the container. Oh he meant “Ajax”. Never heard anybody call it that before.

The boss calls and lectures me again about being bad at the job. I know this is my last day so I grovel. I think he’s gonna get rid of me not if I can leave first.

It was taking a long time to clean the place and I had to leave I booked a ride. Then the guy I was closing with got mad at me. I was so pissed off at him I told him off that he spent the whole shift on his phone. He said he needs to because he is a personal trainer. *scoffs* Like I give a fuck! Look I don’t care who you are or what do. You did not help me clean the place. I have no sympathy for you.

Seriously FUCK YOU! Both of you.

But you know what none of that matters that is my last shift there I’m done with that place.

My advice to my boss would be to be in the trenches with your workers and watch their phone usage.

10 Movies from 1991 Volume 6 —
Lil Boss X — June 28, 2021

Lil Boss X

Then I realized something this place is worse than the deli. If I think that it means a lot in a bad way. That never happened at the pizza restaurant. Nobody came and said “Are you selling 6 pizzas for $40? The one in the neighboring city is.” The problem with this place is that they are all run by different people and all sell different things and run different deals. You expect me to know this?! By who does and who doesn’t?

My boss is mad at me because I don’t know all the menu there are too many options. And I can’t up sell. All he ever does is lecture me. He almost blamed me for my coworkers drink bottle by the register.

I have to go search around the store for the hidden money boxes to make change. The guy (glitter nail polish) who is supposed to be training me is lazy and thinks showing me something one time and I’ll learn it. He should not be all willy nilly with the money. That is fucking money! All he does is gossip and play on his phone anyway. If you want job security you got it.

I’m going to work tomorrow cause closing is easy and I’ll ghost him on Wednesday.

I stayed at this job It was not to be defiant or to I did because I need like one more secret hobby item. It would have helped me a lot. I feel that I’m not progressing without this item. I did to get out of the house and make some money.

May you find your unicorn inside a rice bowl. πŸ¦„πŸšπŸ—πŸ₯’πŸ₯€πŸ₯‘πŸ₯•

10 TV Shows from 2001 Volume 6 —
Confirmation Knives Out! — June 27, 2021

Confirmation Knives Out!

I cut myself twice trying to cut avocados. Twice on the same finger. Good thing the boss didn’t see it.

It doesn’t take long to close there. Because it’s so dead there you can clean up most everything when it’s still open. At the pizza restaurant we had to wait for business pretty much come to a screeching halt. Before we could really do anything besides likes dishes or oil pans. We closed in like 12-15 minutes. At the pizza restaurant it took us like a half hour if we were fast and nobody came.

I got in trouble for not immediately sending conformation to his text about rescheduling. How was I supposed to know? This guy is so needy! Needy like my father. Why doesn’t anybody tell me the rules?

I got my first tip today 50Β’. Since I have been working there I have not seen any tips. I have to report this to the IRS don’t I?

My Lyft driver really sucked.

10 TV Shows from 1991 Volume 6 —

10 TV Shows from 1991 Volume 6

That’s My Dog

You Asked for it Again

Eerie Indiana

By the time Fox Kids was rerunning it in the late 90s the jokes were outdated.

The Adventures of Mark & Brian

Were they that well known outside of Los Angles at the time? Even as kid I thought it was strange to give them a tv show. If you ever saw the show was weird they would do stunts and things.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Salute your Shorts

“The Day the Earth Threw Up”

Get the Picture

What Would You Do? (game show)


Fast Foodie — June 26, 2021

Fast Foodie

I realized that I ate take out like all week.

My parents are mad I pretty much signed away my life to have this job. This guy can make me work a 12 hour shift with no breaks. What was I gonna do I didn’t have a lot of options.

My dad told me to quit this job too. I’m really trying to make this work. Fuck You! You made me quit my other job. I’m not gonna quit it because I earned like no money in June. All because of his fight with the neighbors and he is no angel in this matter. He gets no sympathy from me. He’s in pain, cranky, and does nothing but yell and me and my mom.

There’s Always Money in the Restaurant — June 25, 2021

There’s Always Money in the Restaurant

I got the title from Arrested Development. No seriously this is a good place to rob the guy hides money all around the place. I know it’s bad to have thoughts like that, but still.

Everything there is broken the tickets were coming out of the other register instead of the machine by the grill. It reminded me of an episode of Bar Rescue I saw. Nobody who works there knows why it does that, and it does it often.

Cashiering is hard. I know why I think it’s hard. We sell too many things and there is a complicated menu. We sell at least 10 different beverages to ring up. The food is way too customizable. I’m still getting stuck a lot. And when I closed the register I was over by a little more than a dollar. Including my old job I’ve worked a register 11 times.