Not Slow Ride, Slow Rice. So I got in trouble again at work for being slow. It’s my 4th day there and never worked with rice bowls before coming here. I’m not gonna be a submissive little wimp and said yeah I’m fast at pizza never worked with rice before. I need to leave here. Left one clueless manager for another.

It’s not like the deli where it was a shit show from the beginning and I knew it from shopping at that store. I don’t go to the place I work at now to know it sucked in service.

Then we got a difficult customer.

When I left I saw I got a message from KFC I’m so desperate to leave I called them back. I set up an interview for Wednesday. Then I few hours later I get a call from my boss to come in on that day. I still think I can do both. And just explain what happened.