I can’t stand it there! Everything in there is either broken or dirty. The guy needs more people I’d say 10 per store. Right now he has eight per store. Eight people was a Friday afternoon shift at the pizza restaurant. Sometimes 10-12 people depending on how busy it was or they thought it would be. He is just trying to run these places as cheap as possible. There was this couple who came in who were arguing and the lady was really bitchy to the man.

I had reserved an Uber for interview at the KFC but the guy said he was stuck on the freeway for at least a half hour, so I cancelled the ride and interview and had to take the bus home. Then the song “Nothing” came on by Depeche Mode. What a fitting song to come up on my MP3 player. I’m thinking of quitting by Sunday.

Then when I was waiting for the bus she was still yelling at the guy, and continued to yell at him on the bus.

When I get home I like to binge watch Bar Rescue. I enjoy Taffer yelling at people after a long horrible day working there.