Then I realized something this place is worse than the deli. If I think that it means a lot in a bad way. That never happened at the pizza restaurant. Nobody came and said “Are you selling 6 pizzas for $40? The one in the neighboring city is.” The problem with this place is that they are all run by different people and all sell different things and run different deals. You expect me to know this?! By who does and who doesn’t?

My boss is mad at me because I don’t know all the menu there are too many options. And I can’t up sell. All he ever does is lecture me. He almost blamed me for my coworkers drink bottle by the register.

I have to go search around the store for the hidden money boxes to make change. The guy (glitter nail polish) who is supposed to be training me is lazy and thinks showing me something one time and I’ll learn it. He should not be all willy nilly with the money. That is fucking money! All he does is gossip and play on his phone anyway. If you want job security you got it.

I’m going to work tomorrow cause closing is easy and I’ll ghost him on Wednesday.

I stayed at this job It was not to be defiant or to I did because I need like one more secret hobby item. It would have helped me a lot. I feel that I’m not progressing without this item. I did to get out of the house and make some money.

May you find your unicorn inside a rice bowl. 🦄🍚🍗🥢🥤🥑🥕