The recruiter lied about the Starbucks I applied to and got me an interview at some far away one. Then I’m like no I’m not going to this interview. I must have called her a few times. I felt bad about being annoying at first but she should have not lied to me about the location.

Got another passive aggressive text from my boss about the amount of onions we give out. There is nothing consistent like at my old job. It’s confusing as fuck like the deli.

I did all the work for the whole shift. That guy did nothing but be on his phone. So I’m new and shitty at it and still not giving a fuck. Either on his phone or complaining about stuff. I was told to get some lemons and found a bunch of moldy ones in the fridge.

Plus I pulled something Kramer would do and put a bunch of holes in the trash bags. Then the guy told me to clean the bathroom with “Ayax”. I see the container. Oh he meant “Ajax”. Never heard anybody call it that before.

The boss calls and lectures me again about being bad at the job. I know this is my last day so I grovel. I think he’s gonna get rid of me not if I can leave first.

It was taking a long time to clean the place and I had to leave I booked a ride. Then the guy I was closing with got mad at me. I was so pissed off at him I told him off that he spent the whole shift on his phone. He said he needs to because he is a personal trainer. *scoffs* Like I give a fuck! Look I don’t care who you are or what do. You did not help me clean the place. I have no sympathy for you.

Seriously FUCK YOU! Both of you.

But you know what none of that matters that is my last shift there I’m done with that place.

My advice to my boss would be to be in the trenches with your workers and watch their phone usage.