I did it! I finally did it! I quit that crappy job. Freedom! That’s what this weekend is about. Freedom and rebellion and wearing tye dye. The tye dye is from Lisa Simpson. “Like you know whatever.” When I called and did the deed his tone sounded like a disapproving parent when they find out you did something wrong. Why? Why are you surprised by this? Then he told me “You are not willing to try?” What have I been doing before? So I replied “No.” I’m so done with his bullshit. Cause you know I’m the bad guy. Literally anything he would have told me would not have convinced me to stay. What do you expect? You would constantly call the store to lecture me over the phone about how bad I was at my job. You told me on the first day I was bad at my job and then on the 4th day. Last night he told me about how much I suck. I said something like you know it’s not working out I know it’s not working out. He kinda sounded like he was laughing and hung up. Purple squirrels are hard to find.

I still have a bunch of things I need to do. Like go to the DMV and makes crafts for my doll. She could use some new stuff. I’ll still post the blogs I had scheduled to post for the rest of the week. Which is for a couple more days not including today.

It’s an employees market now don’t act like that. I hope both your restaurants go out of business.