10 Songs from 2001 Volume 6 — June 25, 2021

10 Songs from 2001 Volume 6

“Love to Love you Baby” by No Doubt (cover)

From the Zoolander soundtrack.

“Chop Suey” by System of a Down

“Brown Skin” by India.Arie

“All You Wanted” by Michelle Branch

“All or Nothing” by O-Town

I mistakenly used to think this was a BSB song. Not like I am a boyband connoisseur or anything.

“I’m a Slave for U” by Britney Spears

They danced to this song at a school assembly /rally and had a really fake stuffed toy snake like the kind you would get as carnival prize. I think it was purple.

“Everything” by M2M

“Strange Little Girl” by Tori Amos

“Shining Light” by Ash

“One Minute Man” by Missy Elliott

Riding with Chicken — June 24, 2021

Riding with Chicken

I took an Uber and a Lyft to some places. They are really expensive here. I think I like Uber better. Plus there are barely any Lyft drivers in my area.

I really need to leave my job because the longer I stay there the more he thinks I like it or tolerate it there. The KFC guy only seemed to be interested in if I could work nights. Are horoscope signs tattooed on your forearm a fad? This is the 2nd person I’ve seen this week with one.

I got a free sandwich because I had an interview. There was a flyer taped to the wall that said that. I also bought some biscuits.

Tight Like Scrooge’s Purse Strings — June 23, 2021

Tight Like Scrooge’s Purse Strings

I can’t stand it there! Everything in there is either broken or dirty. The guy needs more people I’d say 10 per store. Right now he has eight per store. Eight people was a Friday afternoon shift at the pizza restaurant. Sometimes 10-12 people depending on how busy it was or they thought it would be. He is just trying to run these places as cheap as possible. There was this couple who came in who were arguing and the lady was really bitchy to the man.

I had reserved an Uber for interview at the KFC but the guy said he was stuck on the freeway for at least a half hour, so I cancelled the ride and interview and had to take the bus home. Then the song “Nothing” came on by Depeche Mode. What a fitting song to come up on my MP3 player. I’m thinking of quitting by Sunday.

Then when I was waiting for the bus she was still yelling at the guy, and continued to yell at him on the bus.

When I get home I like to binge watch Bar Rescue. I enjoy Taffer yelling at people after a long horrible day working there.

10 Songs from 1991 Volume 6 —

10 Songs from 1991 Volume 6

“I Love Your Smile” by Shanice

“I’m Dreamin'” by Christopher Williams

“Unbelievable” by EMF

Released in the US in 1991

“Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn

“Garbadge Man” by Hole

“I Can’t Wait Another Minute” by Hi-Five

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson

“Cold as Ice (Everybody Get Loose)” by Vanilla Ice

“The Choice is Yours (Revisited)” by Black Sheep

“OPP” by Naughty by Nature

Often Times We’re Lazy — June 22, 2021

Often Times We’re Lazy

Before I was getting ready for work. I got really sick. My health should come first. I was considerate enough to call out. Or so I thought. He wanted me to come in for an hour or 2 during the lunch rush. This guy is desperate. You know I don’t care if my coworkers and him don’t like me anymore. I don’t care if thinks I’m an unreliable slow loser. I have no guilt if I leave I thought about the saying they (at the job) got along before you came and will after you leave.

My mom was somewhere else and when I called and told her that she thought that was really funny. I just needed some time to gather my thoughts. There was no food in the house so I had to order something. I should not have gotten fast food, but I feel ok.

At 10 PM I got a call from my boss asking if I was well. I think he just needs somebody to cover the shift.

Back With More Books from 2001 —

Back With More Books from 2001

John Adams by David McCullough

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Black House by Peter Straub and Stephen King

Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold

The Final Days by Barbra Olson

Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher

Carry Me Home by Diane McWhorter

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Half a Life by V.S. Naipaul

Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

Slow Rice — June 21, 2021

Slow Rice

Not Slow Ride, Slow Rice. So I got in trouble again at work for being slow. It’s my 4th day there and never worked with rice bowls before coming here. I’m not gonna be a submissive little wimp and said yeah I’m fast at pizza never worked with rice before. I need to leave here. Left one clueless manager for another.

It’s not like the deli where it was a shit show from the beginning and I knew it from shopping at that store. I don’t go to the place I work at now to know it sucked in service.

Then we got a difficult customer.

When I left I saw I got a message from KFC I’m so desperate to leave I called them back. I set up an interview for Wednesday. Then I few hours later I get a call from my boss to come in on that day. I still think I can do both. And just explain what happened.

Back With More Books from 1991 —

Back With More Books from 1991

Julia Child’s Menu Cookbook

Adventures in the Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

Modern Thai Cuisine by Tommy Tang

Today’s Gourmet by Jacques Pepin

Meet Felicity by Valerie Tripp

Felicity’s Surprise by Valerie Tripp

Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story by Valerie Tripp

Miracle Girls manga in Japan

Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders manga in Japan

Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!! manga in Japan

A Steak Mistake — June 20, 2021

A Steak Mistake

It was so dead there I got time to work on my writing. But that is what true writers do. It worked for Brandon Sanderson. The writers on reddit worship the guy. I kinda miss the bustling of the pizza restaurant.

This seems of red flags. Signing a waver to not get breaks? The manager just seems unorganized and cracking the whip.

I accidentally made an order of steak instead of fish. I don’t like working with tickets. The POS system was more advanced than the one we had there. I got to take home the mistake bowl.

I had a hard time getting home the bus was delayed and then dropped me off at the wrong stop.

Then when I come home to eat it my dad makes a big deal about wanting it. Then gets mad at me because I didn’t even offer it to him. This is why I can’t have nice things for myself.

Back With More Video Games from 2001 —