After having that terrible driving class I was thinking about the song “Bad Habit”by The Offspring. I had a friend in high school who loved that song and another mutual friend of ours who sang it at his house with all the cursing. His parents heard him singing it and he was banned from the house for a while. I laying in bed thinking what am I doing? This place is crap! I was so fed up with how I was treated yesterday. I called up and asked for a refund. If they make good on this I have yet to see. I’m only getting 2/3rds of the money they are deducting for one lesson. They told me to come by tomorrow. Which means I can get more pies at the 7-11.

I went to Five Guys today. Wow! Those burgers are not that good. For the price no thank you. Maybe it was the location? I don’t know they just seem overrated. Or maybe it was because I grew up on In N Out.