My dad got so mad when I said I was miserable at college today. He knew it. Why does he gotta dance around the issue? him and some of my other relatives were always bugging me abut college and finishing it. College sucked! I could have been advancing at my secret hobby learning cool stuff rather than wasting time taking stupid irrelevant classes like math and poli sci. When am I even going to use those in real life or my secret hobby? Never! College was one of the biggest wastes of times in my life.

I signed up for another driving school, but the earliest appointment was he 14th and my dad is mad about that. I can’t change that. He wants me to go back to that hippie guy. But I thought he was meh.

LeVar Burton was a good Jeopardy host. I was hoping he did host another non-game show before. I was hoping there would categories relevant to him. You know like joke categories something like “Butterfly in the sky”, “I can be Anything” “Sci-fi” and “Roots”.