Baby All Gone

I was upset when my mom revealed the secret of how this doll ate.

Popcorn Pretties

Mattel’s version of a Cupcake doll. You could throw these down on the floor all folded up and they “popped”. These dolls are incredibly rare now.

Suzie Snapshot

The commercial had a catchy jingle.

Blooming Babies

A Strawberry Shortcake knock off doll. Pretty obscure read more about them here.

Flip n Fancy

These dolls are kind of weird.

First Surprise Magic Nursery Baby

They could have a first tooth, a first haircut or a first ice cream cone.

Sugar & Shine Cupcakes dolls

The African American dolls in this line were called Sugar & Sparkle.

Wee Lil Miss

Cabbage Patch Kids Lullaby Baby doll

Cabbage Patch Kids Crimp’n Curl dolls

I heard these are very collectable.