It started out ok I guess. His sister was there and in charge. She was nicer to me in the morning. But she got bitchier as the day progressed. I noticed that all the delivery tablets were not turned on. I don’t know how to do that and all the registers were not turned on either. She got mad because I didn’t know what to do with the cardboard something they never told me.

I make a few mistakes, I know like accidentally sticking my thumb in some customer’s sauce.

They wanted me to compile 3rd party delivery orders, drive thru, and take dine in orders. I think I was doing the work of 3 people. Then she got mad at me for not giving the customers ice water. Nobody told me this. Then there were so many orders I was taking care of the customers were self serving them selves at the kiosks that was for take out orders only. I got in trouble for that. These 2 girls came in who didn’t speak English and ordered sodas. I was trying to ask who ordered what soda. They were on their phones and not paying attention to me giving them their drinks. She was really not paying attention and spilled it all over the table and on her phone. Tried to help clean it up and get another drink. Got yelled at for spilling the drink and not making it properly. She told me I was not working fast enough. She kicked me out of the kitchen. I started getting yelled at by a delivery driver about picking up an order we did not fulfill. I told that guy’s sister who yelled at me for trying to figure out what happened. I was not going to be yelled at by driver and that bitch.

I said that’s it “I quit!” I think I threw my hands up in the air. I wanna say I did that. It was better in my head than what really happened. I forgot to clock out then I did and left. I was so pumped I just stormed out and walked down the street fuming until I realized what I was doing. I asked myself where are you going?

Part of me was just ready to just hop on a bus. But I called home and told my parents what happened. My mom said my dad would pick me up. I was like ok. They were not shocked or disappointed. They thought I would have lasted a week. As I was waiting for my dad to pick me up I was thinking about that Eve 6 video for “Promise.” How I just stormed out like that. Honestly this was something I always wanted to do. Scratch that off the list. Wondered how bad the shitshow got after I left. They were one person short. Not that I was that that good at the job it being my second day and all.

I was not sad or remorseful just really really angry. I don’t care if I burned that bridge it was a small business and I just will not put it on my resume. I mean a restaurant with random junk in it. You know they are gonna go down or something. In all those failing business shows I watch when they go to a business with random junk in it you know they are financial trouble.

I told my dad next time I tell you a restaurant has random junk in it please believe me.

Take this job and shave it! (This is not wrong if you know what this is from it’s funny)