“Quitting is the only failure.” — September 30, 2021

“Quitting is the only failure.”

A quote from Brajesh Kumar Singh. Who I didn’t know who he was until I looked it up.

Let’s start this story from the beginning. I was idly watching The Price is Right 50th anniversary special. Why do these stories start off with me idly watching tv? When I get a call a little after 9 PM. It’s Orlando telling me that they have to move around my shift because the manager quit. You know the “I don’t set you up for failure” guy. Who got mad at me for wanting to leave and then he left first? Just up and quitting is a fail! The only reason I didn’t do that was because of the last place I quit by walking out.

That Back in 72 game is like Range Game mixed with Now …..or Then mixed with The Price Was Right from the ’94 syndicated version. It was ok didn’t do much for me.

On my last day I was planning to be naughty and leave a bunch of quotes about failure and plaster them all over the back of the restaurant. Oh well. 😞

I’ll end this with a quote from John Cena “Failure is disappointing but it provides valuable insight towards the next steps. Don’t fear failure OR fear discussing failure. Something is only really over when you move on, not when you fail.”

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Mind Your Cane! — September 28, 2021

Mind Your Cane!

I was hoping all day that there would be no fuckery with my scheduling.

I went to the job interview at the wrong time. I was early. At least I was there. The place looked busy and there were a lot of people working not just like 1 or 2 people trying to do everything. The bathroom there was dirty and nasty. There was no toilet paper. I need to think of more places to apply to. Where have I not tried? the guy who interviewed me seemed dismissive. All he pretty much said was “Cool!”.

When I was waiting for the bus there was some blind guy walking by with a cane and hit me in the leg with it.

I spent almost all of my first check there on blind packs. Which was close to $30. Ok I bought 2 food items. Which totaled about $3.00. So like $27 in toys.

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I’m Working Friday and Saturday So You Don’t Have To — September 27, 2021

I’m Working Friday and Saturday So You Don’t Have To

I saw I was closing with the assistant manager. I figure that working with her I’d leave at 11PM. But she has school tomorrow.

The driving instructor was late to pick me up and was 20 minutes late. She didn’t pick up until 1PM. I got the same old spiel to take more classes because I suck. I know I suck.

The guy told me he would give a $30 discount. That is not really a bargain. Then she said I could not get lessons until November because she was booked for all of October. I could buy some really spiffy hobby item with it. They were trying high pressure sales tactics. I told them I would think about it. But I knew I probably was not going to buy more. When I told my dad about about this and that I was not going to buy more classes. I thought he was going to make me do it, but he didn’t and I was shocked. My driving lesson ran over. I was late for work. I had to choke down some frozen food change clothes and then leave.

When I got there I saw they hired another girl. We were out of everything. Straws, and small boxes for wings. A guy came by looking for work. I wanted to scream “DON’T WORK HERE! GET OUT NOW! SAVE YOURSELF!” but I stupidly held back. The assistant manager was trying to complement the guy telling him that he looked so old and thought he was in college. This is a good place that dupes young teenagers into working there for very little pay. It’s not below minimum, but it’s not competitive with other similar businesses in the area.

The place is full of high school students. Not me or the manager or the guy who lives far away. It’s like all the high schoolers there all go to the same school. It was like local movie theater by the mall everybody at my high school worked at or the mini mall that was down the street from the high school.

They had to do a boil out with the fryer. After they did it nobody mopped so it was really slippery. The container we collect the old grease in is broken too.

The assistant manager has a varied music taste. Last week she was playing Spice Girls and this week it was early 2000s pop punk.

At break I went on a hobbyist vendor website to see what $250 could buy and the first new item for sale there was $250. There was no way I was going to sign up for more driving classes if I could have that neat item for the same price.

When the assistant manager took her break she took 30 minutes off to eat then clocked out and left the place for an hour to go shopping. She was not that smart and left her clock in receipts.

The assistant manager said I’m strange because she’s never heard me laugh. I’m really behaving like a Capricorn. Real stoic and serious. They treat me poorly they get the horns. I don’t laugh cause you ain’t funny. If her and I were teenagers at the same time I would hater her. I know the type. I will laugh eventually on my last day on my way out the door. They are dumb annoying teenagers who are not funny. They scream random things. They say random things. I guess they are supposed to be funny but confuse me.

The assistant manager was being bitchy with me so I told her I’m working the next 2 nights so she can go to homecoming.

The other girl who works there is also in high school. She didn’t mind that I dumped the leaky ice thing. I don’t know why that bothers the assistant manager. If you don’t dump it the thing leaks all night and makes a puddle in the morning. I got all wet from the leaky hot water at the dish washing sink.

They were getting all hyped for homecoming. Talking about who could go and can’t go, getting ready, buying tickets, and a bunch of other stuff.

I think I know way more about their homecoming than I need to and I don’t even go that high school.

After I thought about it I have been watching wrestling since before they were born and have been a Cena fan since they were born. It would be like me working with somebody who was born in ’64.

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10 Video Games from 2001 Volume 8 —
Extreme Cookie Hunt — September 26, 2021

Extreme Cookie Hunt

Went to the store looking for Pokemon Oreos. Of course they didn’t have them. My mom saw them at the store and didn’t buy any last week. Thanks a lot mom!

Watched WWE Extreme Rules. Keep forgetting I have a Peacock subscription. The whole PPV was pretty dumb. The ending really bothered me. Broken top ring rope? HUH? And the commentary audio was messed up. There is always a problem when you watch it live.

I have to work their homecoming which I don’t really care about. I’m not scheduled for a lot of days but I feel suspicious.

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If It Is Broke, Then Fix It — September 25, 2021

If It Is Broke, Then Fix It

That check was disappointing like I thought. They cheated me! The contract said $13.50 which is absurdly low. But the check said $13 an hour. I’m out $1.50!

I was there on time but nobody came. The manager didn’t even know who was coming. I waited 20 minutes for someone to come. I hate quick turn around days. I figured I would be stuck there till 6PM. We did not get an order until an hour after we were open. I think most of the orders come from 3rd party and phone orders.

We have some device that slices tomatoes that was broken so I had to slice them by hand. I had to remember everything I learned from cooking shows not to cut myself. Like I did at the rice bowl place. Here is a list of the items that I’ve seen that are broken; cash drawer, sink, ice keeper thing, vegetable slicer thing, and cheese pump. It’s sad when the area manager is ok with all the broken things in there. The door sensor has been broken since Wednesday.

This guy comes in and keeps talking to the other guy there working with me. Talking about he’s new to the area. Running restaurants, cheesesteaks, and other nonsense. While he won’t shut up and orders are coming in from me talking them and 3rd party delivery services. I keep having trouble with the register. We are getting backed up while this guy blabs on about his life story. He gave the guy I was working with some Instagram handles. I checked them out I think that guy needs backing to start another business. He had 2 failed restaurants in the area. Worst of all he didn’t even order anything!

It was like the rice bowl place I worked at on a week day really busy for an hour or so then nothing. It didn’t help with the guy who talked for a long time and ordered nothing. When there was a break in the action I told the area manager that my check was short. I could not just let this go by. He said we were short staffed so he was going to call Orlando to come so we could take a break. The stuck register drawer was really frustrating me. At first they were blaming it on my inexperience, but that thing was just broken.

Orlando told me that the location I work at and the one he tried to poach me for are not busy. Does this mean they are closing?

Why is me leaving such a big deal? I gave notice. If the manager thinks I’m a problem and I leave then the problem I was causing goes away. It was the same logic my mom and I used on my 6th grade teacher.

When my shift was almost over I saw that guy writing ads for the place on Indeed. I only got a quick look.

My shift ended at around 4PM and I was shocked. I thought I was gonna be stuck there till 6PM.

My mom was talking to my cousin telling him about that everything is broken at this job and the one I walked out on. And how a high school senior is an assistant manager.

I looked it up their homecoming is on October 2nd.

I went online to read their ad. I can’t believe they put the low pay rate in the ad. How is that going to entice anybody? It’s so ridiculously low. Let’s see if I can find all the lies in the ad they posted. “values our employees”, “flexible hours”, “free meals”, and “team environment”. That’s 4 I see right there. I wasn’t even looking that hard. I got a good laugh reading it.

Me? I was foolish enough to apply through the website of the restaurant itself.

This is how I would write an ad for them. I wanna make it real casual like. “Hey people, Do you enjoy getting paid very little an hour to work at a dead restaurant? That gets about 30-40 orders in 6 hours? Like fighting with broken equipment that slows you down? Do you want to work with catty high school students? And a manager who thinks he is a psychiatrist? Enjoy cleaning? Cause you’re gonna do that a lot. Say goodbye to any free time. We own you now! Free meals, but only chicken sandwiches and all the old fries you can eat! At (name of restaurant chain) ‘We don’t set you up to fail’.”

At least my ad was honest.

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10 Toys from 2001 Volume 14 —
Class of ’12 Rules! — September 24, 2021

Class of ’12 Rules!

After everything that happened I was waiting to be told some BS by the manager. Then him and the 2 other workers there were arguing about the schedule. A bunch of orders came in and the left me by myself. That is a fail I can’t work the grill. Then they come 10 minutes later and act like nothing happened.

All they could do was gossip about how stressed out the manager was on Thursday. I bet I added to that. 😉 Don’t take it out on me. Setting up for failure is a fail. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! The place is just going to shit around him. We ran out of Coke and Cheese Wiz. We are always out of something and a lot of things leak in there. That ship is sinking and reeking of failure.

When I got there we were on like the 37th order. What we sell in a day there we would sell at the pizza restaurant in an hour or 2 depending on what was going on. We would sell more pizzas during sports playoffs and when local teams play.

So the seniors there are mad they can’t get homecoming off. Two of them work there are go to the same high school. Apparently the new guy they hired is a junior and they were being gradeist towards him. All 3 of these people go to the same high school. They said the manager is stressed out, and doesn’t remember how important homecoming is because his was 7 years ago. Try 20, I feel old writing that. A few years from now its going to be meaningless to them. It is to me now except mocking it in a blog, a 2001 homecoming blog to be posted within the next month or so. Be on the lookout for that. I would just hate to think what is going to happen during prom time. Provided the place is still open and they still work there.

At first she was like “I appreciate you why are you leaving?” To be honest she is one of the reasons. I don’t trust this bitch.

Those seniors act like their shit don’t stink. Especially the assistant manager. She’s got it good (for her) supervisor position and high school senior! God, I hope I wasn’t like that when I was a senior.

Doing the register is so frustrating. We have to scan the app and work it and the menu is confusing. I’ve only had a few days to learn it. Like I’m supposed to be an expert. She always finds a problem with my work when I do it. The last time I had to close with her I she made me re-wash the same dishes repeatedly. This time I cleaned the sink “wrong”. Then she got mad when I burned the ice. the manager doesn’t like them leaving old ice in the thing. It also pissed her off that I dumped the bucket from the ice thing that leaks. He doesn’t like that they left it full and leak all night and make a puddle.

She spends a lot of time not cleaning and on her phone. She plays her music loudly and sings badly.

I got paid I hope it is not a disappointing amount. Like when Homer Simpson was Santa. There are no dog tracks around here. If you adjust for inflation his check would be about $27 now.

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This is a count down to my last day there.

10 Toys from 1991 Volume 17 —
Don’t Have Attitude! — September 23, 2021

Don’t Have Attitude!

The manger got mad because I said I thought I had the day off. I asked if I was constantly going to have to be on call. He said I was giving him attitude. I don’t even care if he fires me. I ordered groceries I’m not gonna drop everything for this stupid job I hate. I know something about you. You FAIL at managing people! That is a failure for you!

I was mad because it was going to be a quick turn around. I already had one earlier in the week I worked 4 days in a row. I really value my time off.

When I got my groceries all the things I really wanted they didn’t have and gave me substitutions I didn’t ask for substitutions. They keep messing with my orders I’m not gonna order groceries anymore.

I had been thinking about leaving since Tuesday. After the way I was treated there. If they wanna mess with that new guy who probably doesn’t know better. I decided to write a letter of resignation. I wrote it in comic sans to show I really care. I even added a quote about failure. I think I spent more time looking for the best quote about failure than than writing the body of the letter.

I was so mad I took the letter over there on my day off. When I got there it was bustling for a change but it was noon. He got mad at me because my coworker called 20 minutes before her shift and said she couldn’t come. And this is my problem how? Take it up with her. He told me “You are new and we want to give you hours.” Translation: “You are new here so just be on call and take a lot of shit from me.” He asked me if I was sure I wanted to leave. I’m pretty sure I want to leave. Maybe they can dupe someone else to stay longer. Maybe if they payed $15.50 or up an hour I might have reconsidered. That’s how they got me to stay at the deli a tad longer. Back then the deli payed $1.25 over the minimum wage. He also asked if I though I could improve in 2 weeks. I’m so done with him and this place. He told me to suggest this job to a friend. I would not recommend anybody to work at that location. To who an enemy?

I’m working with Frasier Crane Lite here, no that is disrespectful to a beloved character.