Yesterday I got a text late at night around 11PM from my former boss from the restaurant with the random junk in it. That I can finally pick up my pay check. I had to come after 7PM.

My dad takes me there after 7. I walk in; the place is still bad. They have been getting bad reviews since I left. Not that I think was such a great employee that the place went to shit after I left. It was already shit and got shittier. Another person even pointed out the random junk in the corner in their review. It was also pointed out that the place frequently closes because of “maintenance issues”. It did the day I interviewed and has since. Floors still sticky and worn out. Trash just left by the counter. Just one customer inside by himself. Drive thru backed up as usual. There was less random junk in the corner so I guess that was an improvement? 🤷 I took some pics for my parents. I was pretending to be checking the Raider game in my phone but really taking pics.

He gave me a check. The amount seemed about right. At the rate they were paying not including tips or minus tax I would have netted approximately $104. I don’t trust this guy is it even good?

Then he asked me why I walked out in the middle of a shift. I explained what happened. I said there was too much chaos. There was no way I was going to hold my cool in that situation. He asked if it was his sister. I said yes. I think he knows she is a problem and scaring off employees. Nothing this guy could have said would smooth it over. Nothing. It seemed like he wanted me to come back. Was he really that desperate? Me? A person who walked out in the middle of a shift? As long as his sister works there I won’t work there. After I saw the way things were prepped I’d never eat there either. My dad wanted to know if I used the word “bitch” to describe his sister. That would be unprofessional even though I would totally use it here in this blog or in a non work setting.

Nobody has ever asked me a question like that before. At the deli after I quit they talked down to me like a naughty pet. I don’t count the pizza restaurant since I had to leave because of my dad’s injury. At the rice bowl place when I said I quit the manager just sounded like a disappointed parent. I’m still not exactly sure what kind of a worker he wanted at the rice bowl place. 🤔

Honestly I give this place 2 years or less.

I was sort of glad I did not have to sell pizzas to angry Raiders fans. I though if I do try another location for the pizza restaurant. I should wait until after Halloween. It was pretty terrible there and we ran out of dough.

I can’t believe the Raiders pulled off a win in overtime even with that almost touch down at the end. The problem I see with the Raiders is why don’t they protect their quarterback? He gets tackled a lot. I’m no football analyst, but I can see this. Their whole division AFC West is undefeated in week 1.