When I was a senior in high school all or most of the teachers went to a conference to learn this great, new, innovative way of note taking called Cornell notes. (They aren’t new they were invented in the 1950s) They were just fawning over this style of notes with a passion. The teachers never explained why this style of They made you use this note taking format for every single fucking class. I hated it. It wasted paper. It would take me 3-4 pages I could write down on 1 page or less of regular notes. It was hard to write things down in the little column. Why is this format best for all classes? Why is it best for all students?

I didn’t want to bother learning a note style I was going to be forced to use one year before I left for college. After I did leave for college they didn’t care about what kind of notes I took or even if I took any at all. I’m a write everything down person. My notes are not neat or cute or Instagram worthy.

Sometimes the notes were even graded to see if we were taking them “properly”. Why do notes need to be graded? Aren’t notes for you?

There are a lot of programs like Avid that force the student to use this. And that is really sad.

According to my teachers over the years these are the things that make you smarter; listening to classical music, wearing school uniforms, and Cornell notes. There might be a few others I missed. If all these things supposedly make you smarter why is I not more smarterer?