I had a job interview on Wednesday that was really bad. The place was hard to find. And the person conducting it was hard to find. When he read my resume he was frowning. I’ve been to enough bad interviews to know when the person interviewing you frowns you get the hell out of there. He got mad I could not make sauces from scratch. My dad got mad because I didn’t beg them to train me. This place needs to write their ads better. Later I checked the ad. It was me. Stupid career website algorithms.

My dad insisted that I cash the check and the brand of bank it was issued by. Why do banks charge so much to cash checks? They were gonna charge me $8. I got in trouble with my dad for that. I was happy it didn’t bounce. I didn’t trust that place.

I told my dad it’s not the old days anymore you can go down to the corner store and stock milk for the owner pops for .25¢ an hour, and that I can’t make people hire me.

This interview was not that much better. The guy was trying really hard to sell me on the job. I wasn’t having it. Telling me about how you can advance, but working there is hard. This happened to me before at a Del Taco interview. The employees were rude to me and all the girl could talk about was advancement. The guy spent most of the interview talking about himself. About how he is so extroverted and doesn’t set you up for failure and how fun the place is. I said I interviewed for this place a few years ago. I had to study. He tried hard to convince me that the place is under new management. It seemed like high pressure tactics to sell cheese steaks. That they have charts and such. That happened at a Brookstone interview and then the stores closed down like a year later. The guy said it was slow there. A lot of the places in the area just don’t sell food anymore. Nobody’s buying anything. I thought I bombed the interview and left me sour.

The guy told me I’d hear back by tomorrow. I didn’t hear anything all day and figured I bombed the interview, and I would be ghosted. Like usual. I get a call at around 4:30 while idly crafting and watching Wings. I got the job. Oh no! That interview went badly in my opinion. Plus I have a job interview schedule for tomorrow. I think I can make both. He told me he needed my information. I guess because this is a big company. Well it’s not a pair of siblings running an independent restaurant.