When I was getting ready for work I remembered what the guy told me during the interview that he was fun guy. I thought “Oh no! I’m working for Micheal Scott.”

The title sounds like a reddit user name or some kind of adult video.

When I got the contract it said I’m on probation for 90 days and that I will only get paid $13.50. Is this even legal? (in my state) I’m still trying to find out. I spent 10 minutes filling out forms. Will it be like the deli? Remember I only made for 70 something days.

I was on the floor making stuff. Then a bunch of orders came for sandwiches came. I had to put mayo on the bread. There is not a lot of space in there. The place is small like the pizza restaurant was. When I bent over the mayo got all over my right boob. At least they bothered to rain me and show me where stuff was.

I had a mishap with the fries I forgot to set the timer. I hope those fries were cooked. Why did they act like it was so complicated at the deli? Maybe because they had an old broken fryer that was 9 years old? (at the time I worked there) It would be 12 years old now if they still use it. They had no timers either they had to use a separate timer. Miss “A” Game never bothered to show me how to do it. Cause I know you still work there with all that swagger. She’s probably head of the department by now. The fryer and the baskets were so much more cleaner than they were at the deli. I hope potato guy comes here I’d love to tell him off.

When I got a break I ate a sandwich I tried to eat a sandwich with fries in under 10 minutes. Should not have tried that. I was feeling that for the rest of the night. The food there is really salty. Perhaps I should not have ordered an item with bacon? The food is ok there. Not bad but not good either. Not worth the full price, but with the employee discount it was ok. The portions are skimpy and they put a lot of fillers in the sandwich. The fries are good but not worth the price.

Nobody I worked with has been there long. The manager and the other co worker there. That is a big red flag. Of course my dad would tell me to ignore it because I have a job.

The job didn’t seem too hard. Nobody was yelling at me or told me I suck. So that was good. First time that happened during my first day. And my coworkers were not constantly on their cell phones. Or if they did they hid it well. Nobody claimed to be a personal trainer.