I ordered a doll lunch set. I can play with it tomorrow.

An hour before I was ready to leave. I got a really strange phone call. It was some guy named Orlando telling me to interview for the same chain I work at but in a different city. I applied to both locations the one I work at now and that one. He wanted me to come in for a shift. I said I’m already scheduled in a hour from now at the one I work at. I never been legitimately poached before. I don’t count that girl trying to get me to work at the trampoline place. Cause there was no way I was going to work at a place that smelled like feet.

I tell the manager what happened with the strange phone call. He tells me he knows who Orlando is and recognizes the number he called from. “He said they are not in our league.” Wait who is out of what league? Them or us? I’m confused by this. That sounds like something from a Seinfeld episode.

When I get there I see a bunch of young junior high age kids. They looked pretty young and now that I’m old everybody looks young to me except for old people. There is like 8 of them. They keep going in and out and making our door alert tell us there are customers. Two of them had cool shirts. One kids had a Hot Stuff shirt. Hot Stuff? Do kids even know who he is? The girl had a South Park shirt with the main 4 kids and Butters on it. They brought a bike in, charged their phones and spilled a cup of Hi-C. Why is the one we sell still bright red?

The assistant manager came in she is an annoying bitch. She makes up rules and stuff. When she wasn’t doing that she was gossiping about her boyfriend and playing on her phone. I thought “if she is not going to work hard then why should I?” Work ethic is dead. She said I was bad at the job and then said I was good at it. She told me about a tradition about eating the ghost pepper sauce or something. Then she had to leave because we ran out of straws. She left me with this girl who has only been there for 3 weeks. She didn’t know much. The assistant manager went to the restaurants in the strip mall looking for straws. And then at the strip mall across the street for them. Then she went to the rice bowl place and they gave her some. It’s not the one I worked at but the same chain. While the assistant manager ran around the city looking for straws. I was stuck with that newish girl. Who was trying to show me how to work their POS system. I made a pretend order and she was showing me how to take money then pressed a button on it. She made the register say I owed $40. She kept trying to change it but couldn’t. Later I found the receipt they underlined my name on it. Then they were trying to blame that I was $40 short. They should not have let me have my break first. Cause I texted the manager there who was not there. Just to cover my ass. And if I was going to get fired over this I would not mind. Ok I’d be mad, but not too mad. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom.

Their dishes are hard, but not as hard as the deli. If they give me time to wash them. The hardest thing was trying to use the broken sink. The sanitizer side of it leaks out of the bottom on the floor. They have a big old bin under it. I have to dump it out into a different sink that drains better. The pipes creak and make a lot of noise. The sprayer is weak and squirts all over. I was soaked all over. It brought deli flashbacks. It was hard to clean some of the things because they grill things there so the meat sticks to the spatulas. We sell things that come with melted cheese, and Cheese Wiz. So there is cheese all over everything. And we use oily sauces.

When we were getting ready to leave she kept playing the song Loverboy by A-Wall. she played it 3 times in a row. I never heard that song before but now I hate it. (nothing against you A-Wall) I didn’t get out until 10PM! I hate working here!