When I asked the manager about the broken sink. He acted like that does not exist. Like I was talking like a crazy person. Whatever! That is just giving me more reasons to leave. “Opening the restaurant is like closing in reverse.” That was one of the stupidest explanations for anything I’ve ever heard in my life.

For some reason he calls sink sanitizer, “hand sanitizer”.

All morning he kept saying that he doesn’t set me up for failure. Stop saying that! It’s meaningless! What does it even mean? You are all talk.

He got mad because I said I was not good at the register yet. Yep failure. Baptism by fire. He spent the morning trying to schmooze and network with the customers. He was shocked another restaurant pays $16. While this lady humble bragged about her hardworking smart daughter. I wish I could make my parents proud like that. You know get a masters degree in like 3 months or something. Yeah and you pay $13.50. They pay is too low for all this nonsense. Then he was trying to sell catering to some lady telling her it was better than Pizza Hut. I would eat a million Pizza Hut pizzas over the food from this place. Maybe even cafeteria food from my old high school. The hamburgers were plain but tolerable. He kept telling her the food was so good there, and that only the cool restaurants in the area of that chain sell wings. Like that is a big deal. Then he was telling some police officer about how he wants to join the police force and that he is really motivated, smart and a psychology major. The officer said that if you go to college they promote you faster or something. IDK. Then a detective or something came and got mad because I didn’t give her a discount. She flashed a badge at me I don’t know what that means. I don’t know about police discounts. The last 2 places I worked at (not counting the place I worked 2 days at) did not give police discounts. You can buy a fake badge anywhere. I guess if it looks real and is not make of cardboard and glitter. If the word Sheriff is spelled correctly and does not have 3 “f”s or the “e” is facing the wrong direction. You’d want a discount on that food it’s that bad. Who wants to bother joining the police anyway? Their image is not good at the moment.

He likes to give discounts not only to the police but to other business in the strip mall. At the pizza restaurant we were at war with most of the business at the strip mall. Except maybe the smoke shop.

By this point I stopped caring about this job and tell him I can’t come on the day I have an interview. It’s for that place that pays $16. All he does is hide in the back of the store, mooch fries, and go outside to vape for a long time. If that isn’t failure I don’t know what is. Working here is like Candy Crush mind numbingly easy at first then you realize you are on a bubble gum pop level and it only has 4 moves in the level.

Then there was a non-human visitor to the place. Not of the rodent variety, but a lizard. He panicked and screamed when he saw it. He should have tried to step on it like my mom.

When it was 1PM he said the day was almost over and I said “No”. The schedule said 4. That is 3 hours.

He got mad because I didn’t get a bun with a glove and yelled at me about it while not wearing a mask. I get free terrible sandwiches. I have to stop eating them they bind me up.

I was looking up the company online to see if it was on of those “restaurant chains that won’t be around in 5 years” lists or something. I could not find anything conclusive. All that guy plays in the store is Olivia Rodrigo and BTS. Has anybody noticed that the song “Brutal” sounds like “Supermassive Black Hole?”

The place was dead for hours. It’s so boring. Nobody eats there the food is expensive and not that good. The sandwiches are thin and the boneless wings are smaller than McNuggets. We get junior high kids looking for a deal. They would be better off going to the Carls Jr. down the street or the El Pollo Loco. A worker from the location that was trying to poach me came and she said that needs more workers than the other location. It really shows here.

It was 4pm and the other guy came to start his shift. I was getting ready to leave then the manager asks me to stay longer. What the fucking bloody hell? I’ve been here all day with you and you want me to stay longer!? Fuck this shit! I was ready to walk out again. But I had to hold it in. I was almost ready to do a walkout again. I’m submitting my resignation this week. I’ll give notice to change it up. I can’t stay. By the end of the shift I was bitchy and tired. I just wanted to go home. Then I missed an online event I wanted to go to. Stupid job! Fuck them! Why can’t they schedule the people better?

That My Life As lunch kit is not that great. The bag is falling apart already. I don’t care I didn’t buy it for the bag. I wanted the food accessories. Especially the sandwich, phone, and box of milk.


The grapes in the lunch kit are really small like Barbie scale. There is usually one item in these packs that is off scale. I’ve seen it with My Life As and Our Generation brand packs. Now I need to find a metal lunchbox for my dolls.


I got a pack of Real Littles shoes. They are ok I guess. They look like retro Pumas. Ones like my dad used to wear/have, but not in glittery colors. Maybe they look better on flat footed dolls. I’ve seen people put them on the LOL OMG dolls.