Summer never leaves my area without a fight. It’s going to be over 100 degrees F today on the first day of fall. When you find yourself drinking a Slurpee on Halloween not because you want to, but because you have to.

I thought I should get a start on dishes since they left them there since the morning and there was a bag of meat sitting out for a long time. I don’t know what that was about but not my problem. All the dishes were all gunked up and had some kind of weird film on them. They were really hard to clean and the hot water was not working. When I went and told the guy working there he said he turned it off because it was dripping. They really gotta fix that sink. Or their dishes will not be washed and sanitized properly especially the items that touch raw meat.

I was closing with some guy. He was really chill. At 6PM a new guy came on his first day. The guy said it was his first job and I wished him good luck. The place is a hellhole. I over heard him telling the new guy that they hired a bunch of people and they quit after 3 months. I knew it! Like the deli they have the 3 month probation. He was trying to teach me how to work the grill. It’s hard you cut up the veggies and he meat on it. There was nothing to do for a while we just sat around. When I got there at 4PM they were on the 24th order. It was a little easier to close with this guy. Dish washing is not that hard. It takes longer because stuff if broken. And all the items I don’t recognize and know how to wash. At least he burned the ice and dumped out the bucket. The good thing was that guy cleaned up early because he lives far from there.

He was asking me about college. I said it depends on what you want from it and the classes you take. And to focus on what you are good at. The parking is terrible and how people would ask where I parked when I was walking to the bus stop. He asked me about being a paramedic, but I don’t know. Never did that program.