The manger got mad because I said I thought I had the day off. I asked if I was constantly going to have to be on call. He said I was giving him attitude. I don’t even care if he fires me. I ordered groceries I’m not gonna drop everything for this stupid job I hate. I know something about you. You FAIL at managing people! That is a failure for you!

I was mad because it was going to be a quick turn around. I already had one earlier in the week I worked 4 days in a row. I really value my time off.

When I got my groceries all the things I really wanted they didn’t have and gave me substitutions I didn’t ask for substitutions. They keep messing with my orders I’m not gonna order groceries anymore.

I had been thinking about leaving since Tuesday. After the way I was treated there. If they wanna mess with that new guy who probably doesn’t know better. I decided to write a letter of resignation. I wrote it in comic sans to show I really care. I even added a quote about failure. I think I spent more time looking for the best quote about failure than than writing the body of the letter.

I was so mad I took the letter over there on my day off. When I got there it was bustling for a change but it was noon. He got mad at me because my coworker called 20 minutes before her shift and said she couldn’t come. And this is my problem how? Take it up with her. He told me “You are new and we want to give you hours.” Translation: “You are new here so just be on call and take a lot of shit from me.” He asked me if I was sure I wanted to leave. I’m pretty sure I want to leave. Maybe they can dupe someone else to stay longer. Maybe if they payed $15.50 or up an hour I might have reconsidered. That’s how they got me to stay at the deli a tad longer. Back then the deli payed $1.25 over the minimum wage. He also asked if I though I could improve in 2 weeks. I’m so done with him and this place. He told me to suggest this job to a friend. I would not recommend anybody to work at that location. To who an enemy?

I’m working with Frasier Crane Lite here, no that is disrespectful to a beloved character.