This is for the Show & Tell blog theme of forgotten snacks.

I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the mooching kid who eats all your fruit snacks. I am Darkwing Duck! 

Once I saw these Darkwing Duck fruit snacks at the local Ralph’s I really wanted them. My parents bought me a box. Fruit snacks were one of the things I regularly took in my lunch.

Fruit Parade - Darkwing Duck fruit snacks box - 1992

Not my picture it belongs to Jason Liebig  

They were really good and shaped like the characters. I don’t know if these were some kind of private label brand or what but they seem pretty obscure. Some kind of test market product? I never saw commercials for them on tv. There is not much information on the internet about them. They were not made by a big company like Betty Crocker, but a company called “Fruit Parade”. I’ve never heard of that brand. The local Ralph’s only carried Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin. I never saw the Rescue Rangers one. I would have been asking for those too. 

My school had 2 separate areas for lunch when the weather was good. The kids who brought their lunch sat in a patio area and the kids who got a hot lunch in the cafeteria ate inside. People would come and mooch these who didn’t even bring a lunch. I didn’t mind sharing with my friends who also took their lunch. We would trade foods. 

There was this one girl who seemed to mooch them off the most; Nadia. This girl was rich. If she was so “rich” why couldn’t somebody get her a box of these so she would stop mooching off me? She would show up at the patio area just to mooch them. One day before lunch we were learning about parasites at lunch Nadia came by to mooch off some fruit snacks that day. Then I called her a parasite. The other kids thought I was making a joke. I was not, and she got really offended. Why? Stop mooching!

I would take them to school in this. 


Or one of my other lunchboxes. Usually Darkwing because it was easier to distinguish from all the other purple Beauty and the Beast lunchboxes. Even if it was purple too.