10 Songs From The Year 2000 Volume 9 — June 6, 2020

10 Songs From The Year 2000 Volume 9

“Want You Bad” by the Offspring


One of Dexter’s favorite songs. He hates the video though.

“Mad About You” by Hooverphonic


The music video is so weird. Of course I saw this on Are-oh-vee 20 years ago.

“Makes no Difference” by Sum 41

There are two versions of this music video. Are-oh-vee seemed to play the one I posted more. They even used it in the show’s opening montage of clips.

“Pinch Me” by Barenaked Ladies


I think I had not watched the music video until recently.

“Over my Head” by Lit
This was their most recent release when I saw them open for No Doubt. It’s from the Titan A.E. movie.

“Bird of Prey” by Fatboy Slim 

“Southtown” by P.O.D.

It was their debut single.

“Utopia” by Goldfrapp

“Tiny Explosions” by The Presidents of the USA

“I Hear you Calling” by Gob

— June 5, 2020

I just keep questioning everything. Should I keep blogging? Is it important? Does anybody really care about the inane happenings at my work place?

Should I even keep doing my decade blogs?


10 More tv Shows From the Year 2000 —

10 More tv Shows From the Year 2000

The English dub was very confusing. Kids’ WB really screwed the show. They didn’t even bother showing all the episodes. They were always moving around the show and changing the time slot. They tried to make this show more about Li to appeal to boys. A lot of people call this dub “Cardcraptors”.

Making the Band
The show that brought us O-Town.

Clerks: The Animated Series

Even Stevens
I watched this show a few times when it was on the ABC Kids Saturday morning block.

Grosse Pointe
A WB comedy that nobody really remembers. It was a show within a show.

Yes Dear




The District
The tv series Lynne Thigpenn was in. Greg Lee was a guest star on the show. According to a podcast he was a guest on he says that he got the role not through her.

— June 3, 2020

Do I blog or do I not blog? Am I not supposed to? I’m very confused. I really don’t wanna write something that is inadvertently misconstrued and assumed as hate speech or something.

In fluff/inane reports the Altador Cup is going on in neopets. Last year when I didn’t have a job I got a good rank. Rank 9. It could have been higher but the site kept going down. I was so close to rank 10, but after it kept crashing I got discouraged and gave up. Plus my dad was getting mad at me for spending all my time playing the games. But I have a job so I’m aiming for less than 9 but higher than 2 which was my highest rank before last year. Usually I sign up for a team play a few games then forget about it and then realize it’s over and get a participation trophy. I don’t mind participation trophies on there because sometimes I really suck at the site events.

But my “In the year 2000” blogs will still be posted cause I scheduled them.

Souled Out — June 1, 2020

Souled Out

I noticed at work that I have been getting cheat out of breaks. My dad gets so mad about this. He gets mad when I don’t call him during one. Does he remember that taking breaks at the deli was frowned upon? I’m trying to work my way back to being on good terms. I want more than 4 hours a week. And I was getting that. I don’t wanna screw it up complaining asking for breaks. Even if I am allowed them by the labor laws of California.

I was at my old stomping grounds the terrible store I used to work at. I was in the parking lot looking at pigeons admiring their shiny necks. You know they are dirty birds but they have nice necks. Walking into that store gives me so much anxiety. I haven’t worked there in over a year. I don’t even like going in those parts of the store.

That free version of the WWE network is not that great; mostly reality shows. Nothing really good there.

I found my old employee handbook from the deli. That thing is straight up propaganda in there. About all the things you were supposed to learn. None of which I did. I kept writing “non existent” or “didn’t happen”. There was a section where you wrote about your store tour experience. The manager that gave us a tour of the store talked endlessly about the safe and expensive flooring they installed. That the ( I forget) manager or former manager paid for this flooring out of pocket and kept emphasizing about how expensive it was. Stuff was ripped out less than a year later. (whole store was re-floored) Where is your expensive flooring now!? She pretty much ignored the deli because that was not her department and she knew nothing about it. And the most important thing to know there besides the expensive flooring. Was to protect the janitor at all costs. (Which really meant do their job for them when they were in your vicinity) Not sure what kind of dirt that janitor had on them. I was writing fake answers to the propaganda handbook they had us fill out there. One of the questions asked what to do if you see a customer. “Ignore them and keep ignoring them until they get frustrated and leave.” The rest of the book I wrote things like “Your soul belongs to (name of store chain)”. That place was like a cult or it is a cult. Not sure which. glad I got out of there. One time when I was checking the clocks in the bakery and wondering why they are all off and off from my phone. So when the HR guy who was giving a store tour to the potential suckers. Caught me “playing” on my phone, and procceded to call me out on it. Still don’t know why all the clocks there were off. Probably trying to trick the employees. After the phone thing he interviewed some stocker employee. Not sure if she was a plant, but the lady really sold how much she loved the job. It reminded me of that South Park episode Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods. When the kids who work at the planetarium keep saying “I love my job.”

There was also a section you filled out after you made it past 3 months. I wrote “lasted 71 days in that place.” Most people with common sense get out before the 3 months are over. I guess since they can’t keep people for more than 3 months that’s why everything kicks in after it. (Broke that record at the pizza restaurant now at 92 days and counting.) But they don’t make a big deal about that.

They just threw me to the wolves/Karens. Now I’m imagining a wolf with a Karen haircut.

Then we had a power outage, and my dad panicked again as usual. He was all mad and cranky. Plus he got mad because I told him that when use a computer and there is a power outage it can damage it. Of course he thought I was making it up. 

In My Time of Dying — May 31, 2020

In My Time of Dying

Found that old world series it’s on the MLB Vault youtube account.

My dad was playing “In My Time of Dying” the Led Zeppelin version. He was shocked that I recognized the song. I could kinda make out the lyrics. I find the Martin Gore version comforting in these times.

I applied for a job but they only wanted me there one hour a day it was not even worth the travel. Maybe I would have taken it if it was close to where I live. I turned it down. I don’t know why my dad got mad at me. I was trying to figure out if I could work 2 jobs at the same time. I would have taken the job if it was within walking distance from me.

Share a Hat with Your Brother in the 1980s — May 30, 2020

Share a Hat with Your Brother in the 1980s

The title doesn’t make sense at first, but once you read the blog it does.

I was looking on craigslist for another job, but then if I do leave on my own not fired or let go or anything I would have to start over. I’ve already beaten my deli record. Let’s see if I can make it to August 31 which is about 6 months if I calculated correctly.

I forgot to post a few days ago about what I had for dinner and how the world is good and happy because I had steak one night and pizza the other. Find your happiness.

I hated working the front at the deli because I was visual. Customers were always coming to me and not even ordering deli stuff and just complaining to me. Getting mad about cuts of meat we didn’t sell, wanting lunch meat flavors we didn’t sell,  getting mad we sell shrimp without “shrimp sauce”. What even is “shrimp sauce”? Cocktail sauce? Or getting mad at me about the lack of items from other departments. 

I don’t work the register yet, but I wonder if people try to buy food we clearly don’t sell there like ice cream or hamburgers. Or confuse us for another pizza restaurant in the area. I really hope people don’t come to the pizza restaurant and try to buy weird shit we don’t sell like pants and leather jackets.

Fox showed an old World Series game from 1986 Mets and Red Sox game 6. Once I heard Vin Sculley’s voice I watched it. I had watched that game on youtube years ago. MLB had it on their YouTube channel. But it’s not there anymore and a 1981 World Series game. They try very hard to remove the network branding. 

I hate when I’m there and a new shift starts. My incoming coworkers are just there wandering and hovering trying to be “helpful”. I was there busy making bread sticks. This guy he’s just standing there next to me. So the manager comes by and tells us to make them together. It was like when two kids are fighting for a toy. “You can play with the toy and then he can play with the toy passing it back and forth.” Making bread sticks is a one person task. I hate it! I feel like a little kid back in kindergarten or something. Why don’t you just hand me a box of chubby crayons and I go sit on the rug?

I don’t know at the deli people liked to look like they were busy and not really do work. That whole store chain runs on that philosophy. The concept there was “feign working”.  Working there taught me one important thing don’t be too valuable or you are going to get burned.

10 More Movies from the year 2000 —

10 More Movies from the year 2000

Chicken Run
This is a cute little movie. I was going to see it in the theater, but I never did but saw it on video.

Almost Famous

I didn’t realize this was a remake until years later.

Cast Away

Bring it On
The cheerleaders at my school loved that movie.

Snow Day

Center Stage

The Crow Salvation

Boys and Girls

Here on Earth

Pizza Space — May 29, 2020

Pizza Space

The franchisee was at work today. She keeps catching me at bad times. It’s like Seinfeld with her too. When those other two mean supervisors were there she would come and they would kiss so much ass. They would act like a celebrity walked into the place. They would just perk up when she walked in the door and be like “Blanche is here!” Me having no idea who this lady is I was thinking “Ok? Wait who is Blanche?” It took me a while to figure that out. I mean I had never seen this lady in person the first time I saw her come to the place.

She was there to do a lot of things including marking social distance spaces.

I was in her way making bread so she just helps me finish it. I put it where it goes and go wash dishes to get out of their way.

Later I see this other guy making bread. How many different ways are there to make bread? I’m so confused.

For some reason the chicken that comes the ratio is off we get way more wing pieces compared to the drumette pieces. So you end up opening like 2 or 3 bags just to fill up one pan.

How do I get in trouble by my dad for buying an “expensive” CD off Amazon 10 years ago? This is the dumb stuff that pisses me off.