Inspection Time — July 7, 2020

Inspection Time

My dad keeps getting mad about the bank I use. Why bother? He is just going to give me SOS telling me about how I pay too much in bank fees or the bank is on his “banned” list. I watched a reading video about people who are the enemies in your life.

(Pile 3) I said he is like a wild animal and then gets frustrated because he is scared. He would just tell me what I heard was crap or something.

I told my mom that dad inspects everything I buy. She didn’t believe me until she saw it herself. Part of me has just given up. Here take it judge it criticize it. Tell me I paid too much for it. I don’t even want to buy things anymore. I really need a new purse because that is all my mom complains about. Honestly a lot of places don’t take cash anymore after the virus. The places I do know that do are; big box stores, grocery stores, dollar stores, where I work, the record store, and some fast food places. Most of those places are chain places. A lot of places say on their website that they do not take cash. Credit cards only now. My dad thinks I’m crazy because I call every store before I go and ask if they take cash.

I really need to prepare for the next big wave of the virus with; food, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and things to do. I gotta show people this time that I’m productive, silly creative, and getting really really fit. I couldn’t do it the last time I live in a small place and was unprepared. My job is mentally draining. Like at the deli, but in a different way. There is like no advancement or promotions.

At Least it Wasn’t a Marble Rye — July 4, 2020

At Least it Wasn’t a Marble Rye

I thought that people are not going to care about the holiday with all the racism going on in America. Celebrating the white man’s holiday? I’ve been singing the wrong national anthem for many years. Maybe still not as bad at the time the 4kids characters sang the national anthem.

I went early to the Target to buy something. They tried to charge me $7 for a little tray of brownies at the store. I was not going to pay that. the price tag said $3.49. They looked festive enough with little red white and blue sugar stars. I never take something I’m not going to eat myself.

When I got there the shopping center was dead. When I came in they saw I brought something. I was like “sure ok.” They kept all the food in the store room. Most people brought things like chips and cookies. Someone brought McNuggets. I think the McNuggets should have been refrigerated. Well donuts since there is a donut shop in the shame shopping center. I ate one McNugget in case it went bad. But McDonalds food has so many preservatives in it I didn’t get sick. It was still a cold McNugget.

When I was washing dishes I was thinking about Frank Costanza when he took back the marble rye. Not that I hid them nobody realized what they were and wrapped in the fridge. Went to take off the wrapping after I finished the dishes. I think they thought I was messing around the fridge, besides drinking a Capri Sun in one gulp. My supervisor sees them. She opens the box I take one, she takes one, and some else who was also there in the room takes one.

Somebody said to heat the McNuggets up by putting them in a pizza pan in the oven.

They didn’t mind If you are wondering I did not take the left over brownies back.

They said I could leave early. So I did. My dad needed some comforting. Plus I got home before sunset that’s when the fireworks really go off. I watched The Great American Bash 1995 and “The Night of the Meek” Twilight Zone episode.

10 Songs From the Year 2000 Volume 12 —

10 Songs From the Year 2000 Volume 12

“3 Libras”by A Perfect Circle

“Drive” by Incubus

This music video was popular with my art class.

“Next Year” by Foo Fighters

It was used as the theme song for the show Ed and reminds me of that show.

“My Generation” by Limp Bizkit

“No Way Out” by Stone Temple Pilots
Shot by fans and the band themselves. I think they made the announcement on KROQ about going to this show and recording it and yourself to be in the video. I totally forgot about this video until I found it on one of my old music video tapes a few years ago.

“Stupify” by Disturbed

“Original Prankster” by The Offspring

This video looks so dated now I love it. A snapshot of the year 2000. 

“Miserable” by Lit

The band appeared on the show VIP. In the episode “Hard Val’s Night”, and this music video premiered on the episode featuring Lit.

“Natural Blues” by Moby 

The famous elderly Moby music video.

“You’re an Ocean” by Fastball
I like this music video they are in a radio

Saucy Sauce — July 3, 2020

Saucy Sauce

In the morning I was looking for some special holiday programming like a list of 100 songs or some kind of continuous mix show. 

Found out there is going to be another safari in my area. Prehistoric themed. I guess there are like dinosaurs and stuff. They don’t release the map until the Thursday before. I was hoping they would have a farm themed one.

I like that my job doesn’t constantly change things. I don’t include new menu items or promotions. How the deli would keep changing things pretty much every day or every week. “Leave the food out for 4 hours no 3.” (they could neither agree/remember)

They said we are having a pot luck tomorrow. All day and I could bring something. Maybe cookies or a treat like that. Something low effort. I don’t want it to be like Seinfeld they would say “Why would (my name) bring anything?” Remember, I’ve only known these people for 4 months mostly working 2 days a week. Plus we have pizza and pizza ingredients at our disposal. I never celebrated a holiday at work before not even the deli. You know all 72 days I was there.

I learned how to make pizza sauce. I was really messy and heavy to lift. It got all over my work uniform, and in my hair.

My dad got mad because people are spending their money on fireworks. How can he control that?

10 More Movies from 1990 —

10 More Movies from 1990

Child’s Play 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I remember asking my mom to take me to see the film because everybody at school was talking about it. I saw it on tv a few years later.


Back to the Future Part III

Pretty Woman
An iconic movie I’ve never seen.


I Come in Peace

The Jungle Book (re-release)
I remember everybody around me being really into this movie. My friends and neighbors. I thought it was ok. My little cousin loved this film he used to watch it all the time until our VCR ate the tape sometime in 1995.

Ernest Goes to Jail

Spaced Invaders

A Thundershirt for People — July 2, 2020

A Thundershirt for People

My dad is so annoying I bought a steak for myself and seasoned it the way I like it. Then he comes by when I’m cooking it and begs for some. Tells me it tastes bad because I was cooking it the way I wanted it. Then turns me into the bad guy for getting mad at him for begging for my steak. Like this one time at Christmas he spilled all this sparkling grape juice on me. Threw a fit, and blamed me for it. It’s why I can’t drink sparkling grape juice anymore. With him you just can’t have nice things. And it’s always my fault.

I keep getting emails from Macaroni kid. How’d they get my address? I don’t even have kids.

Since the 4th of July is tensions are high here. It’s why I haven’t been blogging besides my dad being more of an attention hogging brat than usual. I realize I can’t help if I’m at work. Now I really don’t wanna go to work on that day and my dad needs a thundershirt for people. It’s going to be a long weekend in a bad way.

I finally organized my 2001 list. It took a few days to do it. I have 2 decade blogs ready for the end of the week.

Maybe I’ll write a Chuck E. Cheese themed blog in the future.


😷To everybody WEAR A FUCKING MASK! Please Please do it ya idiots! 😷

Are You Supposed to Care What People Think of You? — June 28, 2020

Are You Supposed to Care What People Think of You?

I went over my performance evaluation. I really read it and it was terrible. When I went over it at work we kinda just glossed over it. According to that I should be fired not that I want to be fired. I’m going to hold onto this job like grim death.

Anyway my mom thinks I’m way too worried about the internet and how I’m perceived on there. That people are going to publicly humiliate you and then put it on the internet. Especially in this climate right now. Tensions are high. You know people tell you to be yourself and all that crap and to not care what people think. What is that supposed to mean anyway? To me it’s a farce it’s a lie. You have to think about it all the time be it your parents, your boss, your friends, or even random people on the internet you don’t even know.

I’ll Take a Large Soda and a DVD — June 27, 2020

I’ll Take a Large Soda and a DVD

My dad keeps telling to buy things from that record store. Because buying a few CDs and DVDs is going to save the record store. It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode The Frogger at least he is not as mean as the guy who ran the pizza restaurant who was mean to Jerry and George. My dad wants me to buy physical media, but not things I need like grooming items. Real smart dad. He’s always complaining about me wasting my money.

I’m really bad at pressing the dough. I had to switch tasks with someone else. Sometimes I hope that I’m so bad at it that they have me do something else or get help. You know that old joke about how the husband does something so badly the wife asks him never to do that thing again. I wasn’t there for long tonight. Not that I’m disappointed or anything. I needed a rest.

I beat my altador cup record I made rank 11. I didn’t play that much. This was my daily play schedule; 3-9 games of Yooyuball (depending if I had to go to work that day), 3 games of Slushie Slinger, 15 games of Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown I would just put on a video or music and listen to it while I mindless played this game. A tentative title for this blog was “How to Succeed in Yooyuball Without Really Trying”.

10 Foods from the year 2000 (Pokémon edition) —

10 Foods from the year 2000 (Pokémon edition)

There were not enough Pokémon food items to list so I added a few others to make the list add up to 10. They are Burger King items because I thought about Burger King’s relationship with Pokémon in the late 90s early 2000s.

Pokémon cereal
This was ok. It was pretty much Lucky Charms in Pokémon shapes. I remember the commercial my friend in high school who ate weird food said he would eat that scrambled egg pikachu.

Pokémon Pop Tarts
With the special Pokéberry flavor. What is Pokéberry? Like the berries in the game?

Pokémon waffles
I loved these things! There was nothing special about them. Just waffles with a picture of a Pokémon stamped on them. I remember there being pikachu and gengar ones. I was upset when they got replaced with Grinch themed waffles to promote the live action movie.

Pokémon Popsicle
These were pretty good the pikachu ones were lemon flavored and way better than those banana flavored Sailor Moon ice cream. The gengar ones were grape flavored. Pikachu’s cheeks and gengar’s eyes were red bottle cap candy.

Pokémon macaroni
This stuff didn’t cook properly. All those Pokémon shapes

Burger King Caesar Chicken Crisp Sandwich

Burger King X-treme Double Cheeseburger

Burger King Bacon Cheddar Whopper

Burger King Italian Chicken Crisp

Burger King Pancake Minis

My First Performance Evaluation — June 26, 2020

My First Performance Evaluation

When I was watching a wrestling news video before work they said it was going to be a tribute to the Undertaker show. I had a feeling I was going to miss a lot or all of it.

There was this funny note posted on the schedule that nobody asked for the 4th off so we all have to work it. those of us that usually work Saturdays. I didn’t ask for 2 reasons.

#1 I didn’t know I could have asked for the day off. I thought I was not there long enough to do such a thing.

#2 I really wanted to work that day. (possibly overtime pay) [I’ll have to look into this]

I almost scared my supervisor by slowly coming out of the walk in fridge. I had to I was carrying a tray of dough. I said I always used to do that at the deli. They would never properly dispose of meat there or empty the meat bucket.

I was working with that guy who can’t count to 10. He says he does all these drugs and does ‘shrooms in the forest. No wonder he can’t count to 10 makes so much sense now. They like to talk about doing drugs there. They are all young adults/teenagers. That’s all they ever cared about/talked about in junior college. Drugs, looking hot/sexy, fighting people and having fancy/souped up cars. That is something I don’t miss.

Then the guy asked why the pans get suck. I explained that it was science. The pans expand as they get heated in the oven as they cool they contract and get suck. That was one of the first things I thought about there when I found the suck pans. You just got schooled! I was talking about the crusted on food they used to leave there for 4 hours and the burned chicken.

Your first tooth, your first day of school, your first car, and your first performance evaluation. I never got one at the deli because I was not there long enough. I was told I was getting one because I was there for 6 months. It’s not been 6 months. I didn’t want to argue. The 6 month mark will be at the end August. Believe me I counted it. I felt that would be a good point to start looking for a new job even if I sent applications now. The 6 month mark is the record I want to break. I already broke the 90 day one. It said I worked too slow. I only did out of fear. Because at the deli quickness and hard work were punished. It also said I leave messes. That was another bad habit I learned at the deli. I was going to write about being denied breaks but I decided not to. Instead I wrote about memorizing the different types of pizza combinations we sell. IDK. *shrugs* I can’t read them very well since I don’t wear my glasses to work anymore.

Then another location the franchisee owns was closed so we got a whole bunch of orders and angry customers saying they got their delivery wrong.

The people at work must think I talk about the strangest things over the phone. I talk about people named Sheamus, Jeff, and Bailey. Then I say things like “chokeslam”. Like the time I was talking to my mom about the plot of the Bob’s Burgers episode “Flat-top O’ the Morning to Ya”.  I found out that you don’t get overtime pay on federal holidays in my state.

My dad still thinks “I made it up”. It might have been a long time ago but it is not anymore. I guess I’ll have to see how much I get paid.