Bizzaro Pizza — January 16, 2021

Bizzaro Pizza

Got up early to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons. I had to get up early for work anyway. This week they showed 2 Droopy ones including; Senior Droopy. I always liked that one as a kid. Where he is with the live action lady at the end.

I realized that working there is like a Bizzaro version of where I usually work. It’s spacious, the workers are polite, the place is organized, they get pans when they need them, the layout is the opposite of where I usually work. And which people are the Bizzaro version of the people I usually work with.

Some of the people when they see or meet me they think I’m just a new employee or something.

I told her it’s small and hot in there. And how you can throw a pizza in the oven by taking a step and turning around.

I figured out a new way to top pizzas. Putting on the pepperoni. If I do the pizza “on it’s side” I can line up the toppings and they align better. She made a bunch of pizzas and I could not keep up with topping them.

I thought they were going to get a lot of orders for the Rams game. I didn’t mention it to anybody in case they freaked out since I don’t know them well.

I had some time to wait so I realized I haven’t been writing for the past few days. I didn’t get to write much since I only had a few minutes before I had to clock in. But getting some words down is getting some words down. I don’t care if they suck. I’m still playing with the idea of 1000 words a month with is 34 words a day. I also want to mention that working on my blog does not count towards the word count for the month. It has to be a separate project. I don’t really count my decade list things blogs anyway since they are usually just a list. I’m so close I’m at 491. I’m averaging a little more than 30 words a day more like 30.6.

My mom agreed that it is.

10 Video Games from 1991 —
Murphy’s Law of No Sleep — January 15, 2021

Murphy’s Law of No Sleep

I never realized what a racket there is for 18 inch doll accessories. And they are poorly made and expensive. I could make better accessories with my eyes closed. Another thing is selling overpriced dollar store toys like tea sets for like $7! I know they are from the dollar store because I saw them there.

My dad needed the computer on all morning and has needed it on all morning for a week. The agency he works for doesn’t do his time cards or something. In fear of making the information “go away”. He has to leave it on for hours at a time. I never get time to use it. It’s why I have to stay up so late. Saw The Grio channel. Turned it on and it was the Mod Squad the movie with Clare Danes in it. By 11:30 I told him they were not going to call back and to let me use the computer. It was already 1:30 PM local time. I told him they are not going to call back.

I figured the morning was so crappy. It was a sign not to go to work because something bad was going to happen there. Like majorly bad like a robbery or an big earthquake. I was not wrong. I dropped a bunch of sauce. When they told me to get the sauce I thought it was like where I usually work where they make you get it by yourself. Trying to be a sauce hero.

She told me there is a lot of drama there. After being at the deli and all the drama there. I didn’t want any with the pizza restaurant. I know some older people like it, but not me. It’s why I don’t share my social media and blogs with people I know. Would I want them to read this blog. Hell No!

He told me that all the male managers there do the dishes.

I guess I’ve picked a lot of bad habits from where I usually work. Like when it is busy to hang up the phone, not answer it or leave it off the hook.

Found a new Dollar Tree in the neighborhood. there was one in the area, but it closed down a few years ago.

When I was watching wrestling after I thought about it the place I usually work at has been closed for a week.

10 Foods from 2001 —

10 Foods from 2001

McDonald’s Mighty Wings

Lemon Berry Stripes Froot Loops

Tree Top Fruit Rocketz

Back when everything came in a tube including Jello and apple sauce.

Sunny Delight Caribbean style

Cheetos Whrilz

Lunchables Fun Snacks

It’s a dessert version of a Lunchable. They came in version like s’mores and brownies.

Kool Stuf Fruit and Graham Bar


Just look at this thing was it supposed to be healthy? It looks like a frosted Nutri Grain bar with sprinkles.

Burger King Scary Black Cherry drink

It had a lot of dye in it and multiple attempts at teeth brushing could not remove it.

Johto Pokemon food

Like the same Pokemon food as before macaroni and cereal but now with Johto Pokemon added.

Pizza Hut Twisted Crust Pizza

My mom really liked this pizza.

Toy Haul!!! — January 14, 2021

Toy Haul!!!

I got this Lori Gourmet Market set I didn’t know they still sold it. I remembered seeing it in a Myfroggystuff video from 2017. The apron will fit dolls who are not so busty.

20210114_184355 - Copy

I find some of the pieces to be too small.

20210114_184211 - Copy
20210114_184445 - Copy

They are 1:12 scale so they would be. (Barbie is 1:6 scale) I think it would work with my Maple Town toys. They have claw hands. My vintage Sylvanians don’t. The pizza fell out of the pan in my set. But they are small and can fit into a Mini Brands cart.

20210114_184808 - Copy

The toy Mini Brands ball was a late birthday present to myself. I got 2 repeats.

20210114_140721 - Copy

Spongebob and the crayons. I swapped those out for the ones in better condition. I’m not sure if I want to buy more. I would like the art supplies and an Angelica figure. The Hula Hoop is cute and so small I could only get it to work with this small Sylvanian figure. When I was a kid I used to get those hard plastic cheap bangles that came in those dressup sets and used those as Hula Hoops for my toys.

20210114_152621 - Copy

Isn’t it annoying when you are shopping and encounter a bear with a Hula Hoop?

My 18 inch doll dress came from Ebay. The quality is bad. but I didn’t pay much for it. I just wanted some cheap doll clothes. It’s all wrinkled it came all folded up in a plastic bag. I also ordered some rainbow colored shoes that have not come yet. Ignore the sandals I’m trying to stretch them out on her feet. I don’t want to buy more clothes for her but maybe she needs some socks or tights. She looks a little creepy in the pic.

20210114_152459 - Copy
I’m Not Used to This — January 13, 2021

I’m Not Used to This

I had been waiting for them to call me from the other store since yesterday. I got a call from them at 8:20 am. They asked when I could work. I only had a little bit of time to get ready. Then I realized I would have wanted to post a decade blog on Saturday if I worked or not. After thinking about that I hastily posted a blog. I had that 1991 movies one saved and ready to post. I almost forgot to post it. I think I did like an hour before I had to leave.

I made sure to wear my name tag. Cause like nobody was going to know who I am. When I’m where I usually work I get lazy and only put it on when I have to use the bathroom. So they know I’m in there. The manager there told me all the stores the franchisee runs are all the same. We all have the same products/menu items and stuff. They have a dough press and not a sheeter. I spent the whole shift topping pizzas. I was bored and tried to write a song. The lyrics are silly but very personal to me. I’m not going to share them here. There was this girl making bread sticks and they looked like the lumpy misshaped ones I make, so I didn’t feel so bad.

It’s an older building, but way more spacious. I only ran into another person 3 times. At where I usually work it’s like 6 or more. There was one prep sink, one handwashing sink (not including the bathroom sink), and the dish washing sink. They have more space to sell more sodas. They sell grape and strawberry soda there. I kept getting lost in there. I could probably walk around my store in my sleep and know where everything is. Or maybe a really dim light. Since were I work is so small you can literally turn around and take one step to throw an pizza in the oven from the topping station. Their topping station is a little wider than the one at my store. They have a nice spacious bathroom and walk in fridge. I complemented them on that. I told the girl what we do at my store is we put all the cheese together. So I took the extra bag of cheese and put it by the other cheese that is a different type. There was this employee and they got there really early for their shift. When I looked at them they took on a cowering posture/pose. What’s it to you? Person who works here who I don’t know. I looked at them a few times I was mostly looking at the clock on the computer. Which was in their direction.

I figured it would be like the old days and I’d get like 2 hours. And I did. I wasn’t too angry since I had worked since last Wednesday. Like I said they don’t know me and what I can do. I got scheduled for 4 more days. I have to adjust me blog postings accordingly.

Yesterday I wrote one word while editing a paragraph. I took my birthday off and the 11th too for some reason. Perhaps I can write more words tomorrow? I think I’ve written myself in a corner. 🤷

10 Movies from 1991 —

10 Movies from 1991

Beauty and the Beast

Rover Dangerfield

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

There was a lot of marketing for this movie. It even had it’s own cereal.

101 Dalmatians re-release

When I saw this in the theater with my dad we missed the beginning of the movie when the man and the lady meet. So when I saw it the first time I didn’t understand it. He said he saw this movie when he was a kid. When it came out he would have been 9.

The Rocketeer

White Fang

I think we watched this movie in junior high years later and I thought it was boring.

A Folding Chair, a Cheap Doll and a Phone Call — January 12, 2021

A Folding Chair, a Cheap Doll and a Phone Call

I have washed Howleen’s hair 4 times already and it’s still gunky and stiff.

I wanted another folding chair at the store, but they were all out on the website it said they had those in stock. But I did find some Pokemon bedding I wanted. Every time I would go to the store all they had was Jojo and Baby shark bedding. I picked up a Sparkle Girl doll to be the victim of my experiment with the nail polish my doll came with and one of her accessory packs. I polished the bottom of her feet so it would be hard to notice. They took a long time to dry. Maybe the room was cold. I think I’ll just use them for crafting.

20210112_093316 - Copy
20210112_094526 - Copy
20210112_094905 - Copy

I got a call from the franchise owner I accidentally missed while taking my afternoon nap. Then I saw my coworkers texting sad faces. There was another exposure and we are closed completely. There was not enough people. I luckily was not exposed to the person. She said I could either take the week off and not get paid or work at another store. I’m scared. My nearest location that she runs is by the record store. Only because I won’t know the people there. I’m not the type of person who just clicks with anybody. That is so not me. Maybe I can get 2 hours somewhere or something. I’m supposed to get a call from a manager.

So what did I do while I was waiting? Make doll crafts. I made some money printables and fixed up my old whistle. It used to be mine. I was not sure how big to print the money some people say 18 inch dolls are 1:3 scale and some say they are 1:2.5 scale. The stack of 3 $20 bills came from an accessory set I got for 18 inch dolls. The other $20s came from print mini with making the printable double the size and 1 1/2 the size. That’s why they are so pixelated. And the money with Max Goof came from an old Burger King toy. It looked like it could be her scale.

20210112_181910 - Copy

She’s a Hello Kitty fan so she needs Hello Kitty accessories.

20210112_182159 - Copy

I decided to put the 5 decade blogs I was going to post on pause for now.

Let Your Dough Leaven with 11 People — January 11, 2021

Let Your Dough Leaven with 11 People

My dad was trying to explain something about this hours at work. I had no idea what he was trying to explain to me. Something about a screenshot and not getting paid. He asks the agency for help but they kinda ignore him. I think the people are just stringing him along, but what do I know I’m the stupid one.

It goes like this. (I’m using wrestlers’ names) I get a text. “Hi, this is Shane I’m acting as manager for now. Here is the schedule” (picture of schedule) Which I counted 11 names including mine. Then you are supposed to agree to or ask for changes to the schedule. “Otis says he wants Friday off.” “Liv wants to work a 6 hour shift.” It went on for like 3 hours. It eats up so much data on my phone when they do this. 😡 But my worry is how is going to run on 11 people at least last time we had 11. I’m getting some deli vibes here. Sometimes people come back if they got tested and we are closing early again.

I’m still playing around with small objects to see which ones really look good with my 18 inch doll. I just need measurements. I need to flex my math brain besides just counting things at work like pepperoni, dough balls, chicken wings and unwashed pans and trays.

I didn’t realize how small a mini brands hand basket is compared to a season 2 Shopkins hand basket.

20210111_175933 - Copy
Be Prepared — January 10, 2021

Be Prepared

My Howleen doll still has sticky hair even after I washed it with dish soap. I think she is going to need a lot of work.

My mom said I should quit that job if they keep shutting it down. My dad got so angry and made the you have to have another job stipulation. Stipulation after stipulation. Like I have to wrestle a 5 man tag match to quit my job and he got so mad. A stipulation is a stipulation wrestling or not wrestling.

I bought myself more clothes for my 18 inch doll. I should stop buying them I have no room. Their closet can’t be my closet. That is like for rich people a separate room for their dolls. I just wanted to get her an outfit that is not pajamas. The one thing I really want to buy/make for her is a lunchbox and some school supplies.

My dad had like nothing prepared for his new job. I don’t know why he didn’t prepare for it. He has known about going to this job for at least a few days now.

Plus he is mad at me because I don’t trust banks. I have not trusted banks in like over 10 years. They are scam institutions. Think for yourself but don’t disagree with me is what he is really saying.