Even More Movies from 2001 — May 5, 2021
Some Footage of French Goats and My Freshman Year Crush — May 4, 2021

Some Footage of French Goats and My Freshman Year Crush

I was tired because I stayed up late watching Survivor. We finished the standardized tests. They gave us cookies and some people said the filling is the worse part. We had to watch a boring movie about Harry S. Truman. I was still tired from staying up. I ran into my old 6th grade teacher with her “signature drink”. Which is really a kind of diet soda. The French teacher was mad because they said she was old and out of style. I really didn’t want to laugh. But testing makes you crazy. Then she showed us this boring video about the French Club’s trip to France. Most of it was them in the airport in America and the chemistry teacher wishing them goodbye for some reason. The rest of it was them at a goat farm. 

At lunch I saw my crush (who graduated 2 years ago class of ’99) setting up his band. I was looking for my friends but they weren’t there. I took the time to primp as best I could. 

I put on some sweet smelling lotion and fixed my hair. I bolted out to see him. I saw my other friend who didn’t have a crush on him. I was acting like a stupid giggly love sick girl. It brought back all the memories. I wanted him to notice me. And look pretty. I was always in somebody’s way. During one of his songs I went looking for my friend. And felt it was rude. I came back before the song ended. I laughed at all his jokes and applauded after all his songs. He was thirsty. I wanted to rush out and get a soda and give it to him like in a soda commercial. During the set a mosh pit started. With the Merediths but a teacher broke it up. When it was over I went to talk to him. He said he remembered me. 

After lunch I wrote a terrible poem to him in 5th period. But I won’t post it here.

But my friends weren’t there. They missed it!

King Trashmouth — May 3, 2021

King Trashmouth

Apparently we have been having a problem with the nail salon and trash for a while now.

That they were getting mad at us and taking pictures of the trash.

Maybe I need to channel my inner Louise Belcher. You know she would not stand for this. Remember when she got mad about the lady in the alley or when that guy stole her hat?

Even More Movies from 1991 —
Me VS Nail Salon Guy — May 2, 2021

Me VS Nail Salon Guy

He was one of the many reasons I was considering quitting. I don’t work for him and it’s his/the nail salon’s dumpster. I don’t need his permission to throw trash there. He’s not my boss. Leonardo had the day off so I left him a detailed note about it. Very detailed. I think the nail salon guy is taking it out on me is because I’m there and I’m a visible victim. Anyway the trash he is mad about is not even ours it’s from the sandwich shop. The boxes are for things we don’t sell.

Maybe next time I’ll say to my coworkers. I can’t throw out the trash I need permission from the nail salon.

Ever since yesterday I have been treated with kid gloves. Damn! I just want them to treat me like they were before.

Even More TV Shows from 2001 —

Even More TV Shows from 2001

Spy TV


John Cena was in this show.


Honestly I thought this show was gonna be a flop and that I would not like it. I like this show but not as much as Pokémon.

Raising Dad

The Ripping Friends

They were always moving around Mon Colle Knights for this show.

The Nightmare Room

Mutant X

Grounded for Life

The first time I saw this show I hated it. I gave it a chance but never really liked it.

Outlaw Star on Cartoon Network


Handle Your Pizza With Kid Gloves — May 1, 2021

Handle Your Pizza With Kid Gloves

They told me go throw out trash by myself. Which I hate anyway. Then some guy from the nail salon yells at me for throwing the trash wrong. They locked the dumpster! It brought back of memories of bloody chicken boxes and getting a lecture from people from other departments in the store at the deli. That was it I had it!

I was just standing there at the clock contemplating my fate. At first I was ready to just clock out leave the building and never come back. Then I thought I’d put in my 2 weeks. I took a paper and wrote “(my name) putting in my 2 week notice.” Then I chickened out and didn’t do it. I was this close. Then a manager saw what I was doing or trying to do. I had to say I was not going to do it.

Me a good worker? What I really want to say is that the manager is really clueless and I don’t want to work for him. Me a communications major who can’t communicate. What an oxymoron! We are hemorrhaging people.

Then I told myself that if I didn’t keep this job I’d be broke again buying dollar store stuff for my secret hobby. And that maybe I need to buy myself something expensive and nice towards it, but not too expense. Plus I saw an internet psychic video that said if your career situation doesn’t change within 3 months from when you watched the video leave. I saw it 2 days ago.

I was just feeling down. I think? Who am I lying to? Him? Me? Everybody?

I said he was like Mr. Wilhelm from Seinfeld. What can I say I’m old I watch old shows. At least I didn’t talk about Perfect Strangers.

After I got I home I thought about it what do I really need to really get started in my secret hobby? A mentor! Now with video chatting and such it will be much easier since I can’t drive. And maybe one high end item, but tell my parents that I only paid a fraction of the price on it. Because I know if they found out how much that stuff really cost. They would say something like. “You paid $300 for that? What are you crazy spending your money on this junk?!” I’d probably get interrogated by them and all that.

Even More TV Shows from 1991 —
The New Guy — April 30, 2021

The New Guy

I saw that the date for a class I wanted to take changed. I think they are changing it because maybe of lack of interest. I really wanna do it now. With all those extra days I’m working. Although I’ll need to get a webcam. All this is through Zoom. Then I realized since I could only afford the cheap package it was not even worth it. It didn’t come with any bells and whistles. No Proof! I need proof! I can only get that one too because of my work schedule. Every time I try to buy something expensive related to my secret hobby I get in an argument with my parents. Not about the hobby. Oh forget it I feel discouraged already. Maybe I’ll buy something more practical like lingerie or an air conditioner. Or could it be subliminal self sabotage?

Speaking of my secret hobby. I wanna throw out all the cheap dollar store quality stuff I bought when I was broke. Since now I can graduate up to better quality items. Some of the items I might give to my doll.

Well Leonardo managed to get one new person. But we lost another one. I think since now to the beginning of March we have lost like 8 people. Quitting or going to another job. He had the guy stay for a long shift too. Do you wanna scare him away or something? Most people don’t stay long anyway. The only reason I do is no jobs in the area and pressure from my dad.

Even More Songs from 2001 —

Even More Songs from 2001

“Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D.

“Island in the Sun” by Weezer

When this song was popular in high school people would randomly go around campus saying “hip hip!” I always think about the baby animal version of the music video than the wedding one.

“Ride Wit Me” by Nelly

“Always Come Back to Your Love” by Samantha Mumba

“Hunter” by Dido

“The Way” by Jill Scott

“Here’s to the Night” by Eve 6

“Everybody Got Their Something” by Nikka Costa

“I Do!!” by Toya

“AM to PM” by Christina Millian