Even More 1990 Movies — October 23, 2020
Yes, We have No Wi-Fi — October 21, 2020

Yes, We have No Wi-Fi

I was trying to swap a new phone I bought. I needed tech support. The guy was telling me strange shit like go to my friends house and use their wi-fi because I don’t have my own. I’m done with that phone company. I have to use up the 2 months of prepaid service I already paid for, and I’m going somewhere else. The person was so annoying insisting I do this. When I left them a review I gave them a “0”. They kept pretending to help but didn’t.

Later my dad got mad because I said the Rays were going to win because they were hungry. The Dodgers have a habit in their more recent World Series appearances by staring off strong losing a whole bunch of games then winning a game here or there and just crapping out.

My First Funko — October 20, 2020

My First Funko

I usually forget the things I’m supposed to buy. I was happy I remembered to buy peanuts in the shell. I remember after watching a Chunk video. Does anybody else watch his videos? He is so cute!

I got these 2 blind package toys. My dad kept calling the Littlest Pet Shop one “Pet Shop Boys”

20201020_103533 - Copy

“Mother’s got her hairdo to be done
She says they’re too old for toys”
These aren’t too bad looking they don’t have those beady eyes like Funkos usually do. I guess because they are not pops. I really wanted Gadget or a Darkwing Duck character. I did get a Rescue Ranger. I got a donut cat lol. I find the toys complementary to each other even if Dale would be scared of the cat.

20201020_104649 - Copy

I wrote part of this while listening to “Suburbia”.

Some new episodes of World have been posted to youtube but they are really bad quality, but missing from season 4. They are great if you really love the show or enjoy looking at a fuzzy picture of your favorite cast member.

I get a call fro work to come in at 2PM. They always call so early at like 11am. I just wanted to relax and watch some internet vids. And did go in if you notice the hastily posted nostalgia blog. I was planning on posting that on Friday.

When I get there the parking lot is crowded. I really had to use the bathroom again. When I got into the store. Some guy comes in with me he walks up to our fridge where we have the bottles of soda. Takes a 2 liter Diet Pepsi and walks out. I don’t know why I thought that was funny. I saw the notice call me and 2 other people. It said “(my name) @ 2 (name of coworker) @ 4 (name of another coworker) @ 5”

There are only 2 workers there one making the pizzas and one cashiering.

At 3PM the one of the assistant managers comes in and is freaking out saying “There is a Dodger game on at 5 today!” Of course I know I made plans to watch and bought special food for it. You go get your pizza before the game, but baseball moves slowly if you get bored and wanna buy a pizza. Except there is one problem the World Series is not a one and done affair. Not like the Super Bowl. It is played for multiple games I’m trying to explain how the World Series works to my coworkers. Which days it is on or not on. One coworker said “There’s another one on tomorrow?!” I broke down the next 5 days for them. Wednesday: World Series game 2, Thursday: football (World Series day off), Friday: World Series game 3, Saturday: World Series game 4, Sunday: World Series game 5 (if needed). The series can go up to 7 games if needed. Pizza Worker hack: Keep a sports schedule in your phone and see how it correlates to how they schedule you. I noticed that when a popular or local team plays on Monday Night Football (regulatory scheduled one) I’m usually scheduled for a Monday.

By the time I got back there was still no score and the scoring happened after I was home so I didn’t miss anything. It was good they won. The local post game show was long and boring. I was falling asleep during it. The thing was so repetitive.

All I wanted to do was watch that repeat of the new Supermarket Sweep with Leslie Jones. That show was what I thought it would be. Another “hip” reboot. I had read some reviews that were mostly negative, but I wanted to see for myself. It’s giving me some Save to Win vibes and I found the random characters and vague rules annoying. Sometimes they were not even explained. I found it hard to follow. Why do the teams have dumb names like “Team Oatmeal”? And what is up with those custom sweatshirts? I’d rather watch Treasure Mall over this reboot and I didn’t even like Treasure Mall.

10 songs from 1990 Volume 9 —

10 songs from 1990 Volume 9

“I’m Not Satisfied” by Fine Young Cannibals

“Back to Basix” by Kid ‘n Play

“Justify my Love” by Madonna

“High Enough” by Damn Yankees 

“Principal’s Office” by Young MC

“I’ll Give All My Love to You” by Keith Sweat

“What Goes Around” by Regina Belle

“Still Got The Blues” (For You) Gary Moore My dad enjoys blasting this song and pretending he is not. All in my imagination.

“You Played Yourself” by Ice-T

“911 Is a Joke” by Public Enemy

Pizza Pinch Hitter — October 18, 2020

Pizza Pinch Hitter

I missed the call not on purpose I left my phone on silent from the day before left it in my room and went to go watch wresting videos on the PC. So I didn’t hear it. I was not ignoring their calls. I called them back after. They wanted me to come in a half hour later than usual. Which meant closing cleaning.

When I got there I really had to use the bathroom again. I found the note to call me today. I’m looking around for the dumb guy our shifts are supposed to overlap. He’s usually at the pizza topping station. When I happen to glance at the computer/clock I see they are writing an email about the dumb guy. It says something like he came into work with a temperature of 100.6 degrees (Fahrenheit)… Somebody walked by so I didn’t get to read all of it. That sensitive information should not be just out; you know close the tab. So they sent him home. I feel fine just a little bad from eating things like candy and fast food. Nothing some healthy eating can’t fix. If we get shut down again and my dad finds out he is gonna freak out again. Especially since I worked with the guy. I’ll get my wish if it makes him “go away”.

I was pretending to check the Dodger score on my phone while secretly being happy at this guy’s schadenfreude.

I kept having to use the bathroom for some reason. I think I used it 4 times in a shift and I was there like 4 hours.

I spent almost all of the shift washing dishes. I think the water heater there is broken. I thought it was yesterday, but I though it was just me. I just had to wash them with cold water. When I complained about it I was told I just washed dishes for too long. I can run the hot water for a long time and the hottest it can get is room temperature. It takes longer to wash and more elbow grease to do it. I was so wet all over from washing for like 3 hours. That last sentence sounded a little perverted. It brought back bad deli memories from my 3rd disastrous day there.

We were closed anyway no customer was going to bust us for playing on our phones.

Another coworker did some dishes and complained about the water too.

I checked and saw they clinched it!

Even More Foods From the Year 2000 —
Annoying Calculations — October 17, 2020

Annoying Calculations

My dad wants me to check by calling home every time I have a break. So I spend the time near when I should have a break calculating the time. I get worried that if I don’t call by a certain time my dad will get mad and think I was cheated out of a break. Then make a big deal about it later. The problem is it is annoying and annoying the night manager.

The dumb guy and me did not cross paths so that was a good thing.

At least my dad didn’t get mad that I only worked 4 and a half hours.

Still 10 more toys from the year 2000 —

Still 10 more toys from the year 2000

Inflatable Stuff I’m not sure if this is considered a toy or a fad. You know like inflatable bags and chairs.

Christina Aguilera dolls Pretty much any pop star from the year 2000 had a fashion doll.

S Club 7 dolls A pop group with fashion dolls.

Sing and Swing Angelica Doll looked nothing like her.

Little CD Tots by Graco It was an interactive baby doll CD-rom game thing. Like a virtual pet.

Ask Me More Pooh

Peanut butter and Jelly Cabbage Patch Kids dolls

Super Star Brandy doll Again another pop star with a fashion doll.

My Dream Baby The doll “grew”.

Scooter Shannen doll Playing into the scooter trend of 2000.

Not Coming in on Thursday, Don’t Talk About — October 16, 2020

Not Coming in on Thursday, Don’t Talk About

Hey another No Doubt song themed blog title.

I got a notice that my storage space rent is going up. When I got it I said “Damn (dumb guy’s name)!” My mom asked what he had to do with the rent going up? I was really planning on quitting in November.

The homecoming blog I posted needs some work, but it was better than nothing. But it is mostly there.

My dad told me to not be a quitter. Why? My life would have been so much better if I was a quitter.

Anyway when I got there nobody mentioned about me not answering the call to come in yesterday so I was not going to bring it up. That dumb guy was not there and my shift went pretty smoothly. I spent a large portion of it washing dishes. They kept the new person topping pizzas. I stayed out of the way washing dishes.

Na,Na,Na,Na,Na, Na,Na,Na,Na,Na, Na,Na,Na, Juniors! —

Na,Na,Na,Na,Na, Na,Na,Na,Na,Na, Na,Na,Na, Juniors!

I’m taking the format from the blog I wrote about Sophomore year’s homecoming and using it again.

The theme of homecoming that year was superheroes. You know with the X-Men movie coming out that summer. Usually the theme of homecoming, related to fads/current events. At least this year it was in the month of October. 

Freshmen: Superman , sophomores: maybe spiderman , juniors: Batman, seniors X-Men

Theme days: 

Monday: court: sumo wrestler other people: bad hair day 

Tuesday: court: alien other people: hippie

Wednesday: court: beast and fairy (girls were beasts and boys were fairies) other people: unmatched

Thursday: court: superheroes other people: pajama/bum

Friday: mascot/class colors

Monday: I got sick in the morning so I could not give myself a bad hairstyle. But I didn’t have time to brush it. So I thought that was a good low key effort. Didn’t recognize my freshman English teacher with different hair. Seeing all those people in sumo costumes made me think of Big Brother. One girl came a rented inflatable costume. If I didn’t get a perfect score on my French verbs quiz the French teacher was going to call my mom.

Tuesday: People looked cute dressed as aliens and played it up. Seeing all those people dressed like that made me think of the Aquabats song “Martian Girl”. Fern was wearing a tank top. I could not unsee her unshaved armpits. English teacher’s hippie outfit. Learned about the properties of starch.

Wednesday: I wore plaid pants, a Pokémon shirt with a pink flower Hawaiian shirt over. The funny thing was that people told me that the clothes matched. I didn’t wear unmatched shoes though. English teacher was wearing unmatched clothes, and possibly unmatched shoes. We had a writing assignment to give our English teacher fashion advice. I told her to dress like Gwen Stefani. My friend made fairy costume. He said he borrowed his sister’s tights. A girl from my french class incorrectly thought it was bum day. She looked cute. Like Punky Brewster. In all my 4 homecomings I think this was the only time I realized this happened or at least to somebody I knew. 

Thursday: It was really bum day.  It was also cheerleader and football player initiation day. I talked about the football players. But I never explained what happened to the cheerleaders. All the cheerleaders who were selected to become the new cheerleaders were “kidnapped” by the existing cheerleaders who dressed them up in “embarrassing outfits”, bad wigs/hairstyles and face paint. Most of the embarrassing outfits were made out of old out of style clothes and pieces of Halloween costumes. One girl was wearing harem pants.

Friday: I proudly wore my green No Doubt shirt that I got at the concert in August. I didn’t care if it was the wrong shade of green. The class of 2001 had an ambiguous shade of red for their color; some said it was maroon, some said it was burgundy and some people just wore primary fire engine red shirts. My art teacher said rallies are an American thing. (She was American)

A fight broke out during the second rally. 

Couldn’t get a good view of the floats and only saw the back of them. 

My class the juniors made a really cheesy 1960s Adam West Batman tv series themed float and it played the show’s theme song. I think it had somebody dressed as Batman and somebody dressed as Robin and there was a Batmobile on it. It was my first time seeing the float. I thought they would have gone with the dark and brooding Batman. How did my former friend get on that float? She was not running for the court nor was she in student government.

The freshmen had a nice Superman float with Clark Kent with an open shirt with the Superman shirt under. They might have had a cardboard Daily Planet building/skyline.

The seniors’ X-Men themed float was a mix of the 1990s Fox Kids’ cartoon series and the live action movies. It had pictures of the characters from the 90s series on the float, but the people on it were dressed like characters in the live action movie.

I was surprised my class won the float contest. I thought it was fixed. The seniors always won the float contest. (Still better than that Universal Studios Hollywood one) According to the school newspaper edition covering homecoming. That was the first time that ever happened. That a class other than the seniors won.

Now I had a great green shirt to wear to the pep rallies. A Green no Doubt shirt. Still better than any class shirt the school ever sold. Even if it did not have all the names of the graduating class. You know if I wanted all that senior “stuff” it would have been expensive not including the stuff I did get. Fancy senior breakfast, senior shirt, graduation plaque, graduation announcements, senior trip, etc.