10 Things from 2001 — January 10, 2021

10 Things from 2001


When they were worn with a ponytail coming out of the back of it. Gwen Stefani wore her hair like that, but other people did too.

Graffiti print

Like rock steady album cover. That was a very trendy album cover when it came out. It was on everything from pants, pillows to purses. Not sure why those were all “p” things.

Josie and the Pussycats Halloween costumes

They came in child and adult sizes.

US patriotism

After the attack people were looking for anything with an American flag on it.

Usahana Sanrio character

Cinnamonroll Sanrio character

Sweetcoron Sanrio character

Hainan Island incident

Frontline Plus dog medicine

Kitten heels

I wore some of these to my junior prom. Not that you could really see them because the dress was so long. A lot of the other girls wanted ballet slipper shoes.

Inching Closer — January 9, 2021

Inching Closer

The title has 2 meanings. I’m inching towards my 500 words and the age of 37.

Me-tv showed the old classic Tom and Jerry cartoons I like. Inducing : “Fine Feathered Friend”, “The Invisible Mouse” and “Cue Ball Cat”. Two of which I have on my tape. I know they don’t know what I have on my tape on bought on official DVDs. I have quite a collection of their cartoons. I didn’t realize how many I amassed.

After I got kicked out of college many years ago I stopped telling myself I had to do things by a certain age. Sure there are things I would like to accomplish. But when do you tell yourself you can’t do something because of your age? I mean like really physical things. Not like writing a book or something like that.

My story is coming along great. I think? I’m almost at 500 words. I’m at 460 right now. I committed a sin in writing and erased a sentence. The sentence was just so repetitive in itself. I was sort of paying attention. I was writing while I was watching football.

I’m just happy we are closed for wild card weekend. Or some of my coworkers will freak out and we would have gotten a lot of afternoon orders. And no crazy cleaning there.

10 Toys from 1991 —

10 Toys from 1991

Krystal Princess

Essentially a small doll in a snow dome.

Pirates of the Dark Water toys

Lil Miss Singing Mermaid

A little too big to play with my Ariel fashion doll, but as a mermaid they were friends. I wrote about this doll here. And My Pretty Mermaid too.

Starbrite Sparkles

From the PJ Sparkles line. She was cool she has a projector in the top of her head. After getting her I have been very weary of toys that say they project images on the ceiling. She seemed a bit fancier than PJ. She wore lace leggins and had a crown. Her and Lil Miss Singing Mermaid were the 2 big presents I got for Christmas 1991.

My Pretty Mermaid

For some reason I think I had no interest in these. I don’t even remember them that well. Most of them have recycled My Little Pony names and the jingle for the commercial is sung to the tune of the My Little Pony jingle. They just changed a few words.

Magic Diaper Babies

A gender reveal toy. Little figures that wore a painted on diaper. When you wet the diaper it turned pink or blue for a boy or a girl. They were marketing them as part of the Baby Face line.

L’il Babies

These are just Oodles by LJN with the curl loop removed from the mold and sold by Hasbro in the US as the L’il Babies. They came with a fabric clothing accessory. They were sold in blind bags. I got a fussy looking one. According to this its #39 Annieoodle/L’il Grumpy. If you watch the Hasbro commercial for these they show the Pedigree brand bag from Europe.

Strawberry Shortcake dolls

A reboot of the original dolls. They came with an extra fashion of their old outfit. There were 4 different versions of Strawberry. And reboot dolls of Lemon Meringue, Lime Chiffon, Orange Blossom, Raspberry Tart, and Blueberry Muffin. They came with a cardboard cutout who wore the old outfit. Maple Stirrup and the Blow Kiss doll were also rebooted/re-released. I never owned these dolls. I have a Presto Magix kit (like Colorforms) set of this series. Around the same time I got a Lisa Frank set. They kinda went together. With the vibrant rainbow colors. Strawberry Shortcake and Markie the Unicorn. How’s that a crossover for you?

Vanilla Ice Electronic RAP Game

A board game I first heard about this game on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Minnie N Me cards

I loved collecting these. I wish I had gotten more as a kid. I know I could just buy more now as an adult, but it’s not the same.

Blue Sauce — January 8, 2021

Blue Sauce

I wanted to watch Let’s Make a Deal. But when I turned the tv it said “Tommy Lasorda dead at 93.” Then there was a story about him for about 10 minutes or so. One of the funniest moments I thought about him was when Psy was at Dodger Stadium and Psy was dancing next to Lasorda and he looked at Psy like he had no idea what the guy was doing. So eat some pasta sauce and some Slim Fast in his honor.

I was almost ready for work. I get a call from the franchise owner. We are closed. Closed again?! Well I got a few days off. At least about 3. So probably my birthday. I was really hoping to break $500 on a paycheck. And we were almost up to full employee capacity. Eh, I chalked it up as a day off and prepared to watch wrestling later in the day. My blog had already been posted and I decided to keep all the ones I queued up for the week ready to be posted.

My dad got mad they don’t send me to another store. Why? He doesn’t control that or even work there! There are plenty of people who would get transferred to another store before me anyway. Including management and the dumb guy. Provided these people are healthy. *whispers* I’m not that good of a worker.

10 Movies from 2001 —

10 Movies from 2001

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

My high school had a rally themed around this movie. Why did the rallies always have to have a theme? Like all the time. Here were some of them I remember Disneyland and America(this was after 9-11), Maybe jungle and Elvis? And a bunch of other dumb themes I forget. High school was weird.

Monsters Inc.

They used to say my little cousin who was born like a year before that movie came out looked like Boo. They used to get her toys of Boo. That was eventually one of her nicknames.

The Animal

Dr. Dolittle 2


Josie and the Pussycats

I liked this movie so much I made a Josie costume for Halloween.

Spy Kids

The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze


I didn’t think I would like this movie, but I did.

Pearl Harbor

1/3 the Sauce at Full Capacity — January 6, 2021

1/3 the Sauce at Full Capacity

I’m back on weekends again next week. After working all those mornings I need a break. Maybe I should ask for the Super Bowl off now. I think it will be as bad as Halloween. It’s not like I can’t handle the stress and pressure I worked at the deli and that was enough. For the time being.

She told me to make 9 sauces. That is a lot of sauce! I was just waiting to go home so I was making it slowly. Which is better for me because I can concentrate on it and it is a bit less messy. In that time I made 3 so I did 1/3 of the work. Somebody else had to do the other 2/3 of it.

The manager said we are open regular hours now with most everybody there. To me it just means more closing and dish washing. Same old same old.

Since I got to leave early and was waiting on my dad to come I had time to work on my story. It’s kinda wonky, but I’ll just have to power through it and fix it later. I wrote 47 words in less than 10 minutes. I can’t wait to work on my new project. I’m already outlining it. I don’t usually outline, but it’s an offshoot of a previous project.

10 TV Shows from 2001 —

10 TV Shows from 2001


One of the first DVDs I got was a Metabots one. I have 2 of them. I wrote about it here.

Anne of Green Gables the Animated Series

The puffed sleeves episode was the best one. The one about her allowance was a good episode too.

Mon Colle Knights

I loved this show I hated going to driving class and miss the show. The problem was that I had to miss the show and didn’t learn anything driving. I wrote about it here.

Tama and Friends

I didn’t realize how old this anime was when I saw the English dub of it. Locally they used to show it on KTTV at like 7AM.

Kong the animated series

Los Luchadores

The concept of this show seemed silly. Another western tokusatus show.

Alienators: Evolution Continues

Moolah Beach

I thought I wouldn’t but, I really liked this game show.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Why Don’t you ask the Anime Characters to do it? — January 5, 2021

Why Don’t you ask the Anime Characters to do it?

Of course this shift it really early and it sucks.

He claims I’m not banned form riding the bus only during the pandemic. He won’t let me do anything. Plus everything I do is bad. I listen to bad music, I eat bad foods, I watch bad tv shows, I wear bad clothes. He’s like a school yard bully with their “yes man” friend. Him: “Only cool people eat capicola sandwiches and listen to Hendrix”. Me: “Yeah, synthpop sucks and so does potato sandwiches.” He got mad becuase I said if it is so dangerous out there in the world then why not quit my job completely and stay safe at home and not risk going out for months.

They were just watching anime on a phone. It was really loud and they were getting really into it yelling at the phone as they watched it. I don’t care. If you can be slow making pizzas then I can be slow washing dishes and making bread.

Then the Ecolab lady came. When those people were coming to the deli or bakery or even a rumor that they were coming. Everybody in those departments would essentially crap their pants. Not me cause I didn’t really care and probably miss A-game deli star too cause she was so great at her job. Those departments were a mess and needed to be shutdown.

10 TV Shows from 1991 —

10 TV Shows from 1991

James Bond Jr.


Another musician who got a Saturday morning cartoon. I have only seen one episode the one about graffiti. This show was badly animated.

Darkwing Duck

Probably my 2nd favorite cartoon from the Disney Afternoon block. I loved the Playmates action figures. Gosalyn and Darkwing were my favorites in the series of toys.


Another cartoon starring celebrities. This time pro athletes. With Micheal Jordan representing basketball. Gretzky representing hockey. And Bo Jackson representing baseball and football.

Yo Yogi

A hip younger incarnation of Yogi Bear in the 90s. I’ve seen a few episodes I guess it was ok.


Ren and Stimpy

One of the 1st 3 Nicktoons.


I know a lot of people don’t like Angelica, but she is my favorite.


I saw the Disney version before I saw the Nick one. I’m strange I like both versions.

Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars

I heard this show was good should I watch it? Never did as a kid.

I’m A Morning Person — January 4, 2021

I’m A Morning Person

I’ve been working on my story I’m at about 250 words which means I’m about halfway done and it’s still the beginning of the month. Writing dialogue adds to word count. I realized I wanted to write something else. Finding a shiny new project to work on while working on another is a habit of a bad writer. I was also playing with the idea of upping the ante to 5000 words a month, but then I thought that was way too much. I thought maybe 1000 a month. It depends on how busy my month is with work.

Watched Call Me Kat. That show was terrible. I think I was watching it with a confused look on my face. Didn’t laugh once! Or chuckle or anything. I’m never watching this again!

The Great North was better. It was no Bob’s Burgers but it was watchable. At least I laughed at that one. Like when the dad took the tree from the mall. When the girl talks to Alanis. When they told the girl to quit the job before she even went to it was so funny! I could relate to that. I have the same problem as a fictional 16 year old character who is 20 years younger than me. Once I got a job at an eyeglass factory or something, but did not tell my dad about it. But my mom found out and made me quit the job before I even started.

I was like great I have to work with that guy again. Ugh. My dad said if he got that new job I would have to go to work late in the morning. I got a lot of hours next week the bad thing is a lot of them are morning shifts. I thought why not ride the bus? Even though he has banned me from doing that. I’m going to work. I’m not going off to party or going off to meet a celebrity. Plus if he is working at the time I would leave I could sneak off to work on the bus.