Sports Triumph Over All! — April 9, 2021

Sports Triumph Over All!

My dad wanted to go to opening day at Dodger Stadium. Luckily he didn’t get the email on time. I know who he can invite his favorite nephew with his 5 children. Not me. His nephew is the coolest guy on the planet! We would have never made it home on time with my shift today. My dad would have told me some nonsense like with the Laker thing. Something like “Work is not important this it the Dodgers!” Stuff that is important to him is always more important that stuff that is important to me. I always tell myself that I’m not important and I’ll get put on hold by him like always. Its the same shit as before.

Working with Leonardo is like working with Lindsay Bluth from Arrested Development when George Micheal has to go around fixing everything. We got an order for 8 pizzas and since they were already prepped he thought it was a good idea to put 8 pizzas in at once in the oven then freaked out about it. Plus there were a bunch of other pizzas in there before that. Then he prepped chicken and just left them there and went to do another task. Later he forgot to restock the paper towel and did not restock them for 3-4 hours. My lush coworker said he didn’t break the dispenser. It reminded me of Bart Simpson and “I didn’t do it.” He is hard to understand too. He mumbles and doesn’t explain the tasks he wants me to do at work. What is wrong with Leonardo? When Leonardo left my lush coworker said “Bye Grandpa!” but I think he didn’t hear it.

My quirky coworker was wearing those star face sticker cutout things. Great a star shaped face sticker on my pizza. I know she’s trying to look cute or different or something. I don’t know it just looks bad. It’s not very flattering to her.

Masks are making my face skin peel but it is for the greater good so screw my skin its not important. I’m ashamed for expressing such a selfish statement. 

Got my lush coworker mad by accidentally calling him fat. He told me his nickname was “Butterball”. It makes me think of a plump turkey. He kept trying to get me to say it again. Then I thought about a sketch I saw. So I was saying other things like “Butter noodles” and “Butter stick”.

Then we started talking about WWE wrestling.

Hobbyist video education is so hard to find at a reasonable price. Why do they schedule these for people who work 9-5 in the US Eastern or Central Time Zone? Good luck people in Alaska and Hawaii. It really pisses me off because education is what I need! Do you have to start classes at 6AM Pacific?

Still 10 More Movies from 2001 —

Still 10 More Movies from 2001


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Original Sin

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Angel Eyes

The Wedding Planner

Cats & Dogs

I was embarrassed to see this movie in the local movie theater that like everybody at my high school worked at. I really liked the movie. It reminded me of that old cartoon The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs. Does anybody remember that show?

Pokémon 3

I wrote about that here.

Planet of the Apes

I forgot about this film until it was a question on a game show. Then I found an old commercial for it on some old show I recorded in 2001.

Town & Country

A Miscalculated Blog and a Singing Pig — April 7, 2021

A Miscalculated Blog and a Singing Pig

Yesterday It was the first time on Pluto TV I’ve seen a repeated episode of The Price is Right Barker Era. Not counting themed blocks. It only took me 5 months. I can’t sit there and watch them endlessly. I can maybe sit through 2 episodes in a row. It’s not that they are boring or I don’t like them, but my internet is bad so sometimes it cuts off a lot making them hard to watch. They will be bidding on an item then it will stop and a contestant is on stage.

I also got a call to come into work in the afternoon. I turned it down again. I wanna see a signing pig on The Masked Singer. The reason I really don’t wanna come in is because my boss sucks and I really don’t wanna be there anymore. I’m sick of Leonardo’s complaining and the place being barren inside. How has he worked here for so long and suck so badly? I still need to think of another plan to leave that place. Of course my dad was mad I turned it down. Him and Leonardo are old school. Look I’m not going to drop everything and be available 24/7 for you. Plus my dad needs sleep from his night job. He is not sleeping and bothering everyone including the neighbors. Since I have turned down 2 shifts within the past week I’ll have to take the next one. Most of the time except Wrestlemania Sunday. I will not take a shift unless I could calculate it would end before it started. Maybe. I also thought my blogs were not in order. I needed to pre-write more of them. I guess I’m just not hungry for work anymore.

This video came out yesterday. There was really nothing in there I didn’t already know.

I wanna start working on my 2002 blogs in early July. Just organize them and get pics I already have gathered.

There is not many good choices on Peacock. Besides the WWE Network stuff there is slim pickins on that service. I am interested in watching My Life Me. Just because I heard it was so bad. The girl has a cat named “Neko”. That is “cat” in Japanese. I think once the promotion rate ends I’ll get ride of it. I really thought they were going to have the Punky Brewster cartoon on the site.

A Parade Route, a Koi Pond, a Golf Cart, and the Pokémon Entei — April 6, 2021

A Parade Route, a Koi Pond, a Golf Cart, and the Pokémon Entei

I didn’t want to go to school that morning, but then I remembered that I was going to the museum today.

I packed a lot of things that were usually contraband at school like headphones and my CD player. I didn’t want my French teacher to see what else I had in my backpack. I wanted class to end so badly. I was upset I had to check into my 2nd period class. Which was all the way across campus. Ashley said she didn’t even check into her 2nd period class. But I didn’t sit on the bus with Ashley because she sat with Meredith and Harry. I wanted to be alone with my music and be reflective. Daryk was seat hopping on the bus and being really loud.

On the freeway I saw a truck with 2 cars on it that looked like they were from a Flintstone movie.

When we were driving down the street it looked familiar to me for some reason. Then I remembered this was the route of the Rose Parade. That part of the street you see where all the tv stations set up their cameras to film it. Across the street from the Norton Simon museum. I guess my classmates were not as avid watchers of the Rose Parade as I was.

Here is a video about the Rose Parade and Norton Simon Museum.

We got to the museum too early and had to wait for it to open. 

I got put in the same group as Meredith, her punk poser friend Harry and Daryk, but at least I was in the same group as the art teacher. Of course they had to be annoying. Meredith and Harry took pleasure in annoying me and saying I was a bitch. First we looked at French Impressionism. Then Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Picasso, and that picture the art teacher had on the bathroom pass. I was really bored and zoning out. Then we looked at the Indian art. I was really paying attention to that part and showing off my knowledge. The last thing we looked at was renaissance paintings. 

I ate lunch with Meredith because I felt alone. I had my jerky and soda. She didn’t eat with Harry. I got a lunch. It was lent so it was a peanut butter sandwich. There was also some string cheese, limp celery, and carrot sticks. We were trading food in the lunches. There was a koi pond. The boys were feeding the fish string cheese. I fed the koi some of the bread crust from the sandwich. Meredith asked to borrow my CD player and put one of her CDs in it. I don’t know I think she was listening to punk music or something. She was really rocking out to it. We were all walking in a horizontal line on the path, and we could hear something motorized coming so we split up. Meredith could not hear it because of the loud music. We were yelling at her to move. The golf cart stopped right in front of her face. When it did she screamed. When I look back on it I gotta give the driver of the golf cart credit for stopping on a dime and not running into her.

After school my cousin called me up and asked if I wanted to see the 3rd Pokemon movie after school. I agreed. On the ride to the mall which has a movie theater inside it I told them all about my field trip to the museum and the golf cart.

The kids were pretty rowdy in the theater that day. More than the time I saw the first movie. They kept jumping up and down. At the end of the movie the kids applauded. That was the last Pokemon movie I saw in a theater.

I was saying that I had seen all the dub episodes aired in the US up to that date. Back then I didn’t know about The Legend of Dratini and why it was banned.

This is Jeopardy! — April 5, 2021

This is Jeopardy!

I got a funny text from her yesterday.

The game started after 6PM local time. They had me pounding dough when I got there at 5PM. I thought “You’re gonna need a lot more dough pressed. This is the calm before the storm.”

There was nobody there again so I was taking pizzas out of the pans slowly with my arthritic thumb. When it is really bothering me I have to take a pizza out of the oven double handed. I also don’t want to burn myself those pizzas are over 400 degrees F.

They don’t like you taking out the trash after dark so when the time changes there is more daylight to do it in. I didn’t notice it was 7PM already. In the strip mall the dumpsters are by the nail salon. The nail salon has these huge windows you can look into and see the people getting pampered. They have huge tvs that face out into the parking lot. We are on the other side. On the way back I passed it and noticed they were watching Jeopardy. I knew it was already past 7PM since the show comes on in LA at 7PM and has for years.

Still 10 More Movies from 1991 —
A Bear, A Bulldog and Some Pizza — April 3, 2021

A Bear, A Bulldog and Some Pizza

My shift started at 5pm the game started at 5:30 something It was really busy like I predicted. After I thought about it at work I think I’m a mix of Lowell from Wings, Matthew from Newsradio and Christine from Night Court. I think Leonardo is trying to run this place on a tight budget. There’s no sponges, no extra toppings, and no sodas. either that or they are sucking at inventory.

Principal’s Office? Not since 2002. He was gone and I was by the oven doing something else when all these pizzas came out. I was cutting and boxing them slowly. Not to say I didn’t try for my limited ability.

I said it was Jesus from South Park’s Jesus and Pals.

I was hungry from working a 5 hour shift so I bought something there. A customer bought a soda but did not close the drink fridge properly. When I went to close it I saw they got a shipment of Major Melon Dew. That was not in the fridge yesterday. I have been looking for this for months. I added it to my order. IDK it tastes like Watermelon gum mixed with Mt Dew. Not my favorite flavor. Did not surpass Baja or classic. But I like it better than the one they sell at KFC.

I want to point out something about writing. That notes in the story I think doesn’t count towards word count. If you are writing a story and run out of steam so you finish off the story by writing “notes: characters fall into ditch. Meet talking bear. Bear is magical. Put spell on MC.”

Still 10 More TV Shows from 2001 —
Like Rats Fleeing a Sinking Ship — April 2, 2021

Like Rats Fleeing a Sinking Ship

I got a refund on those doll shoes I ordered that never came. I ordered those on December 21 2020. I found some on sale on another site but they are 3 times the price. I’m not sure if they are worth it? If I do buy them I will say to my parents I got a good deal on them. The cheap came out expensive in this instance. Still working on that delayed CD.

Speaking of spending money. I decided to sign up for Peacock. The WWE was offering a discounted rate to their fans who are new subscribers. I used to have a WWE Network account, but it was the free version so all I watched were old episodes of Smackdown and the free featured PPVs they would show for the month.

Maybe I do need to get out as fast as I can? When I got there Leonardo was doing the schedule. He was complaining nobody would come in yesterday. I don’t feel guilty even if they called me 2 separate times. I’m not stupid. I may seem dumb and innocent. But I know opening day of the MLB and April Fools day is a bad combination. I bet at work they think I’m the Matthew Brock (from Newsradio) of the place. It’s ok I didn’t think I invented Dilbert or have cats with silly names. Or any pets. Unless neopets count? And those usually have silly names like cybunny12345. He said Perry quit. He was smart enough to know when to leave. So now they need to find a new manager. I have been through 6 different managers the 1 year I’ve been there. That is a new person every 2 months. I didn’t like him. He was so slow and took hours to do inventory during a busy time. Him and Leonardo together were a bad combination.

Leonardo said we might get a pizza making robot. I would not be upset or feel bad that I got replaced by a robot. It might be better for me in long term. A robot might be better for Leonardo. Since he freaks out about everything. I think writing “got replaced by robot” on a resume would be fun. My only question would be where would they put them in that cramped little restaurant?

It was so slow there later in the night they were letting me cut and box the pizzas. They don’t like me to do that when it is busy or semi busy. I want to get better at it for practice.

My dad is mad they will not promote me to manager. Why? I don’t have experience.

Still 10 More TV Shows from 1991 —

Still 10 More TV Shows from 1991

The Last Halloween

Jingle Bell Rap cartoon

The next day my friend and I complained about the cartoon. They showed this on KDOC back when they were a low budget indie station form Orange County. They also showed The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas for a few years. I had watched Jingle Bell Rap and when I had the internet I spent years looking for that cartoon. I found out what it was a few years ago on a wiki called Christmas Specials Wiki.

Alien’s First Christmas

Made by the same people who made Jingle Bell Rap.

Harry and the Hendersons tv show

I remember they used to show this on Satrudays after Saturnday monring cartoons.

Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too

My favorite part was when Pooh drew a tree on the wall.

The Magic Trolls and the Troll Warriors

Young Robin Hood

Adventures of the Little Mermaid

I really tried to like this show, but couldn’t. I gave it a chance.

Top of the Heap

A Married with Children spinoff with a pre-Friends Matt LeBlanc. I remember watching the backdoor pilot for it and being really confused.

Chip and Pepper Cartoon

It was also a brand of pants.