10 TV Shows from 2001 Volume 8 — September 16, 2021

10 TV Shows from 2001 Volume 8

Santa Baby! animated special

Love Story J-drama in Japan

Koi ga Shitai x3 J-drama in Japan


Action League Now!

The Fighting Fitzgeralds


I wrote an essay about this show for a college class.

Emeril NBC series

Doc (Pax series)

Famous for being Miley Cyrus on screen acting debut.

Go Fish

Cornell Notes Rule! — September 15, 2021

Cornell Notes Rule!

When I was a senior in high school all or most of the teachers went to a conference to learn this great, new, innovative way of note taking called Cornell notes. (They aren’t new they were invented in the 1950s) They were just fawning over this style of notes with a passion. The teachers never explained why this style of They made you use this note taking format for every single fucking class. I hated it. It wasted paper. It would take me 3-4 pages I could write down on 1 page or less of regular notes. It was hard to write things down in the little column. Why is this format best for all classes? Why is it best for all students?

I didn’t want to bother learning a note style I was going to be forced to use one year before I left for college. After I did leave for college they didn’t care about what kind of notes I took or even if I took any at all. I’m a write everything down person. My notes are not neat or cute or Instagram worthy.

Sometimes the notes were even graded to see if we were taking them “properly”. Why do notes need to be graded? Aren’t notes for you?

There are a lot of programs like Avid that force the student to use this. And that is really sad.

According to my teachers over the years these are the things that make you smarter; listening to classical music, wearing school uniforms, and Cornell notes. There might be a few others I missed. If all these things supposedly make you smarter why is I not more smarterer?

10 TV Shows from 1991 Volume 8 — September 14, 2021
Just Got Paid — September 13, 2021

Just Got Paid

Yesterday I got a text late at night around 11PM from my former boss from the restaurant with the random junk in it. That I can finally pick up my pay check. I had to come after 7PM.

My dad takes me there after 7. I walk in; the place is still bad. They have been getting bad reviews since I left. Not that I think was such a great employee that the place went to shit after I left. It was already shit and got shittier. Another person even pointed out the random junk in the corner in their review. It was also pointed out that the place frequently closes because of “maintenance issues”. It did the day I interviewed and has since. Floors still sticky and worn out. Trash just left by the counter. Just one customer inside by himself. Drive thru backed up as usual. There was less random junk in the corner so I guess that was an improvement? 🤷 I took some pics for my parents. I was pretending to be checking the Raider game in my phone but really taking pics.

He gave me a check. The amount seemed about right. At the rate they were paying not including tips or minus tax I would have netted approximately $104. I don’t trust this guy is it even good?

Then he asked me why I walked out in the middle of a shift. I explained what happened. I said there was too much chaos. There was no way I was going to hold my cool in that situation. He asked if it was his sister. I said yes. I think he knows she is a problem and scaring off employees. Nothing this guy could have said would smooth it over. Nothing. It seemed like he wanted me to come back. Was he really that desperate? Me? A person who walked out in the middle of a shift? As long as his sister works there I won’t work there. After I saw the way things were prepped I’d never eat there either. My dad wanted to know if I used the word “bitch” to describe his sister. That would be unprofessional even though I would totally use it here in this blog or in a non work setting.

Nobody has ever asked me a question like that before. At the deli after I quit they talked down to me like a naughty pet. I don’t count the pizza restaurant since I had to leave because of my dad’s injury. At the rice bowl place when I said I quit the manager just sounded like a disappointed parent. I’m still not exactly sure what kind of a worker he wanted at the rice bowl place. 🤔

Honestly I give this place 2 years or less.

I was sort of glad I did not have to sell pizzas to angry Raiders fans. I though if I do try another location for the pizza restaurant. I should wait until after Halloween. It was pretty terrible there and we ran out of dough.

I can’t believe the Raiders pulled off a win in overtime even with that almost touch down at the end. The problem I see with the Raiders is why don’t they protect their quarterback? He gets tackled a lot. I’m no football analyst, but I can see this. Their whole division AFC West is undefeated in week 1.

This Isn’t a Birthday Party — September 12, 2021

This Isn’t a Birthday Party

In 1991 my second cousin was born. He was the oldest of the new generation. I was the last in the string of grandchildren.

They were throwing a baby shower for him at my great aunt’s house. My mom didn’t want me to come because I was young, bad and would start trouble. I was 7 at the time going into 2nd grade. My dad had one job. Keep me occupied and away from the place. First he took me to McDonald’s. I got a Rescue Rangers Dale toy and I was happy he was one I didn’t have. Then he took me to a Chuck E. Cheese for a while. After the trip to the Chuck E. Cheese he decided to take me to the baby shower to surprise my mom and to see my relatives there. When we got there my mom was pissed. I was not supposed to be there. They wanted to see me and let me stay.

The thing was that my aunt and great aunt lived directly across the street from each other. On a busy street. For some reason they kept having me cross the street back and fourth to their houses. I’d go to one house and they’d call me back to the other. It was very confusing. As I was leaving one house to go to the other they called me back while I was attempting to cross the street. I was not paying attention looking over to somebody calling for me at the porch. I don’t remember exactly what happened. It all happened so fast. I remember making eye contact with the driver, panicking and then hitting the hot asphalt. I had some scrapes and burns. I was more upset about ruining my cool new outfit than getting hit by the car. It was a really nice one piece thing with long shorts and faux skirt over them in a burgundy color. Very trendy for fall 1991.

My great aunt called 911, and the fire department came. The firefighter saw a cake on the table and thought she was having a birthday party, but we said it was a baby shower. They said I didn’t have any broken bones.

When we were home my dad come back with food and some Neosporin. I got another Happy Meal this time a different one a 101 Dalmatians one. I got the Lucky toy. I still have it as a reminder of the the day I got hit by a car. (pic not of my toy)


I like to joke around with my cousin and tell him that I ruined his baby shower by getting hit by a car.

One of the few times they actually liked my story in that class. I was too young for their taste because I didn’t write about WWII or the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Two world events I was not even alive for. They made me think I was too young to be a writer, but now I don’t care because I’m old.

A Dark Morning — September 11, 2021

A Dark Morning

When the attack happened it was at 8:46AM Eastern time. Which would be 5:46AM Pacific to me. I woke up and my mom told me something very strange. She said “The Pentagon is on fire”. What? When we saw the second plane hit my mom thought it was old footage.

They really didn’t keep the news from us at school. We were high school students. Most of my friends were seniors.

Everybody in my math class told me that my SAT form would not get sent. That nothing was going to be moving in the US by any form air or ground. They made it sound like forever. It was my cheapskate parents fault. They wanted me to take the test at the last minute.

I wrote about that here. And told a way better story 10 years ago.


Smells Like an Overplayed Song — September 10, 2021

Smells Like an Overplayed Song

Thirty years ago today one of the most influential songs in the history of rock music was released. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Even when I was a 7 year old kid I knew I didn’t like the song. Blasphemy! If that song fell of the face of the earth I wouldn’t care as long as the Weird Al parody stayed. But then what would it be a parody of? It was just played all time everywhere, and I didn’t even have MTV. I know it’s like the song that defined the 90s and was a breakthrough. Never really liked grunge as a genre. Plus it killed a bunch of other genres from the late 80s early 90s.

Here are some of the misheard lyrics I heard as a kid.

Hello hello hello x9

With the light out it’s less dangerous

Here we are now entertainers x2

Cause we’re stupid and contagious 

Rama llama rama llama A mosquito A beatle




Running all night long x

Rama llama

Double the Pedals Double the Safety — September 8, 2021

Double the Pedals Double the Safety

The instructor came with a different car.

Saw some birds eagles or something. They were soaring. And an annoying peacock.

I was driving all over in the curvy parts of the swanky bordering cities where the rich people live. Near golf courses and equestrian areas. No horses spotted though.

I’m at ease because I know there is another break pedal on the passenger side.

When ever that is.

10 Songs from 2001 Volume 8 — September 7, 2021

10 Songs from 2001 Volume 8

“Love is a Beautiful Thing” by Krystal Harris

“Run Away (I Wanna Be With U)” by Nivea

“Overprotected” by Britney Spears

“Burn Baby Burn” by Ash

“Get The Party Started” by P!nk

“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue

“Click Click Boom” by Saliva

“Gone” by *NSYNC

“One Night Stand” by Mis-Teeq

“I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez

Laboring Thoughts — September 6, 2021

Laboring Thoughts

I had my last driving session with one particular institutor. You know the one who sings about The Brady Bunch loudly, but didn’t notice as she sung my driving got worse. She was too chatty and nosy! I don’t wanna hear your life story. She asked what my rent was. That is personal information. And really I don’t know. I should know but my dad pays it. I just know it’s high compared to other places around here. I gave her the name of the management company that’s all I could do.

Well another Labor Day with me unemployed. I guess I can spend the time listening to the Continuous Labor Mix. I like when they try to mix songs that don’t really go together into each other.

My mom took me out driving on the street to see how I’ve gotten. I keep yelling “Check for bikes!” And that you should lean over to see the curb when you are making a right tun. My mom is confused by this. I told her she is just used to all the bad habits. She learned over the years. But when she told my dad about it later who was not in the car. He had no idea what I was talking about.

I applied to a few places yesterday. At around 10AM. I figured it’s Labor Day weekend they would get back to me on Tuesday or something. I get a text 2 hours later asking me to come in for an interview. I think they are going to schedule it for later in the week. I ask when they say now. That was way too fast. According to my research this place barely opened. In the middle of August 2021. The place is already understaffed. Oh well had lots of fun watching a glitchy repeat of a Raiders game from last year. It was the station and not like a bootleg version or something. Frozen images on the screen for 20 minutes.