A kid with a good imagination can be a powerful tool. Sometimes… My parents used to tell me my old toys were new toys and that I already had (name of toy) already. They convinced me that a large rag doll I had was a Kid Sister. A shaggy small pink plush bear was a Care Bear. That a green shaggy plush dog I had was a Fluppy Dog. And a doll that looked like this was a Marshmallow Baby.

Screenshot_20230306-122908_Chrome - Copy

When I think about it the doll looks more like a knockoff Holly Hobbie doll. I did eventually get a real Marshmallow Baby in 1989 after seeing it in the clearance section of the Toys R Us. 


When I was little I loved the show Today’s Special. To my knowledge I think there were no toys made of the characters. My mom found an old carnival prize plush mouse in her closet and gave it to me and said it was Muffy. I loved that thing! I was always putting her in a headlock. She was filled with Styrofoam. The head got floppy and the foot did too. We had to stuff the flattened foot with scrap material. She “died” by accidentally falling in a wading pool. 

I still want to make a new custom Muffy plush. A better, more accurate Muffy plush. 

Sailor Moon dolls:

Sailor Moon dolls are not a thing that doesn’t exist. The 12 inch Bandai dolls were hard to find. They had an ad for them in Disney Adventures magazine.


I never personally saw them for sale in 1995/96. I was broke and could not even get a Planet Girl doll at the dollar store. Just look at her!


In 1998 my friend got two 6 inch Sailor Moon dolls of Mars and Jupiter for Christmas at the KB at the mall. When I went there in 1999 they still only had Mars and Jupiter. That’s how I got my Sailor Moon Bandai role play toys. The locket, wand, and box. 

One day I was looking at my Water Jewel Magic Princess Jasmine doll. Her bathing suit kind of looked like a Sailor fuku. It had the jewel in the middle and I didn’t like to take that outfit off her. It was so hard to remove and put back on her. I later added the My Scene skirt I got to her outfit since it was better than the crude altered doll culottes she used to wear. (note: the power ranger gloves I stole from my Kimberly doll)


The Barbie and the All Stars outfit worked well for another doll. 

Years later on youtube Myfroggystuff made Disney Princess Sailor Moon customs videos, but she stopped at Sailor Mars. 

Rapunzel to Moon 

Elsa to Mercury 

Mulan to Mars