These nano people are annoying. Stop writing/blogging/vlogging about writing! They really want to talk about all the tools like coffee and potato chips or whatever your “writing poison” is. Mine is obviously not yerba mate tea. I guess I’m weird once I realized a good writer that does not make. You can chug all the tea you want and listen to all the “writers music” that ever existed. It still won’t make you a better writer. The month is like half over so I don’t have to hear about them for long. I liked this guy’s perspective on it. But you dare not speak out about it. This guy has a good perspective also, and about if you are a writer or not.

I love breaded and fried cauliflower! I saw it on a youtube video. I hated cauliflower before that. I tried it boiled like my mom eats it and raw in a salad bar.

Since that I’m leaving my storage now the annoying lady who works there is being all nice to me now that she knows that I’m leaving. All those months when you would not answer your phone during business hours, be in your office and just being a jerk in general.

I had this great blog all written out, but I lost the paper it was on. 😦