I really like the show Night Court.

I kept seeing that on bookstagram accounts.
It has nothing to do with that 1980s tv show.

Anderson was divorced and remarried and has 2 kids. Why am I writing this? You can just go look this up on his wikipedia page or something. He is old like my dad. They were born in the same year. They are both in their mid 60s. He played a much younger character on the show than the age he really was at the time.

To me there’s something about adorkable guys/characters. My favorite character has to be Harry Stone. I really didn’t notice his sensitive side until I saw the episodes The Hurricane. (it’s a 2 parter) He’s sensitive, but eccentric too.

Harry Stone! Squee!
What a dreamboat!
We can listen to Mel Torme together.

I‘m going to write fan fiction about the show!

My mom thinks I act like Dan. There are sometimes he is like me. Like in the episode where there is a fire and Dan calls the tv station with a fake accent to say that him Dan Fielding is saving people from the building. But when the station reports it they say it is somebody named Jan Seedling. Something similar happened to me. My 8th grade diploma has the wrong name on it. I find Dan being a lot more horny than I am so maybe a mix of Dan and Harry. Darry? When I was a teenager I was more like a mix of Harry and Christine. I didn’t used to curse. Well around authority figures. Now that I think about it I was more like a mix of Christine and Rachel from Glee when I was a teenager.

I like the show so much I even made up lyrics to the theme song. Here they are so you can sing along. These are for seasons 4-9
“It’s time for Night Court (when the name of the show appears on the screen the 1st time)
With judge Harry presiding (shot of Harry Anderson)
With Christine and Dan now (shots of Markie Post and John Larroquette)
With Mac and Bull (shots of Charles Robinson and Richard Moll)
And then there’s Roz (shot of Marsha Warfield)
It’s called Night Court (when the name of the show appears on the screen the 2nd time)”

The show is similar to Brooklyn 99. A lot of characters are very similar. Roz and Rosa besides having “R” names they are both no nonsense. Christine and Amy are both naive people pleasers. Mac and Terry for being hunky guys. For a character similar to Harry I’d say either Jake or Charles. Or maybe Jake is more like Bull? Not all the characters are an exact match. I’m not sure who would be a match for Capt. Holt.
I think they are so similar because Brooklyn 99 is considered a spiritual successor to Barney Miller and the guy who developed Night Court, Reinhold Weege  worked on Barney Miller.